Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Birth Story

Wow. It took me a month to get this all written. I started it two weeks ago and never got around to finishing it up. I've been a little busy I guess you could say. Hopefully this isn't too gross or TMI. I tried to keep it clean. I also tried to keep it short, but that was hard to do. It's a novel. Oops.
Nolan Trevor Bush. Born on June 19, 2016, Father's Day. He was born at 2:03 pm, weighing 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 19 inches long (which we think they measured him wrong. He is so long!!).

I went to my 39 week appointment on June 16th and I was 39 weeks and 2 days. My mom was in town and so she came with us. I told my OB what had happened the week before (read here) when I saw one of his partners. He looked at me and said we need to get this baby out, don’t we? I think he felt bad for all that I had gone through the last two months. I was sure that I was progressing some and that I would be having a baby that weekend! That’s exactly what I told the doctor.  Well… he checked me and I wasn’t dilated at all and only about 50% effaced. Baby boy was super comfortable right where he was at. I was not happy about that, but I knew that baby would come when he was ready. The doctor left the room to check his schedule to see when we could schedule an induction. He usually schedules inductions for 41 weeks, in hopes you go into labor on your own before that. He walked back in the room and surprisingly said, “did you say something about this weekend?” We were all shocked! But I said yes and he scheduled me to be induced on Saturday, June 18th and 5:00 pm.

The plan was for me to go into labor and delivery at 5:00 pm on Saturday and I would be induced and then Sunday morning the doctor would show up to break my water, if I was at that point. We were all so excited and went home to get everything ready. The next two days went by a little slow. Mom and I went and got a pedi and mani on Friday to be baby ready!

Saturday morning I woke up and went to the gym with Collin. The nice thing about being induced is that you know exactly when you have to go to the hospital, so you can shower and get ready before. Score! It might seem pointless, but I felt clean and pretty and that made me happy. Thanks to Danica for the advice on that. The closer it got to 5:00 the more anxious and nervous I got. I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

 We walked into labor and delivery at 5:00 pm and they walked me to my room. I got dressed in the gown and got into bed and waited for everything to start. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. They hooked me up to the monitors and it was showing I was having mild contractions, but I couldn’t feel them yet. Around 6:00 pm they inserted the first pill to soften my cervix. After 4 hours the nurse check me and I was dilated to a one. She inserted a second pill and also gave me a sleeping pill so that I could try to get some rest. Around midnight my water broke on its own. Which was unexpected, but great news!! Now I would be able to progress on my own. They didn’t insert any more of the pills since I was progressing on my own now.

At 2:00 am I was only dilated to a 2, almost 3. By now my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. The Doctor wanted to wait to see if I needed Pitocin. By this time I hadn’t had any pain meds. Around 3:15 am I got in the Jacuzzi tub that was in my room. That felt amazing! It helped take the edge off the pain. 4:15 am I was dilated to a 3. I started throwing up whenever I had contractions. They said that some people’s reaction to pain is nausea. I guess that’s mine! They gave me some Zofran for the nausea, but it didn’t work. 5:45 am and I was dilated to a 4.  

They started the Pitocin at 6:00 am. At that time they gave me some Phenergan for my nausea and some Nubain for pain. The pain medicine only last 2 hours. But I could ask for it every 2 hours if I wanted it. The Phenergan knocked me out. And I knew that it would. But it also helped me stop throwing up. I was able to fall asleep for about 2 hours.

At 7:45 they gave me some more Pitocin to keep things going since my contractions were slowing down. I was dilated to a 7 at 11:00 am. I asked for more pain medicine and that was the last time they gave it to me. They had me lay on my right side so that baby could push on my cervix to get me to a 10. I did not like laying on my side at all. I was at a 9 by 12:45 and baby’s head was way down and ready to go! I felt like it was taking forever to get to a 10 at this point. I was at a 9 ½ by 1:10 and I was ready to push! But I needed to get to a 10 still.

At 1:50 I was finally at a 10 and ready to go! My doctor hadn’t come back in the room yet and I couldn’t help but push. The nurse sat down, put her gloves on and said it was okay if I pushed. So I did. And then she stood up and told me, “STOP PUSHING! We need Dr. Joslin in here NOW!” I guess she didn’t think baby was right there and ready to come out. Dr. Joslin ran into the room and nurses were throwing a gown on him and putting gloves on as fast as they could. I pushed through one contraction and baby’s head was showing. My doctor grabbed my hand and let me feel my sweet baby’s head. At that moment I started to cry. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and that I was just minutes away from meeting my son. It was pure joy. I guess I was breathing the wrong way when I was pushing, so the nurse told me how to breathe correctly when I pushed and it helped so much! I pushed through 3 contractions and my baby was here. They laid him directly on my chest and we were able to do skin to skin for an hour. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. 

My mom was in the room with us and I was so glad she was there to experience this special moment with me. It meant everything to me to have her there for support. She has always been by my side for everything and I didn't want it any other way for this.

I had talked to a few different people and friends who had given birth without an epidural and after talking to them I thought it was something I might want to do. I went back and forth about it the last two months of pregnancy. I finally decided I would try to do it without one and if I need an epidural then I’ll ask for one and I won’t feel bad about it. I honestly could not have done it without my husband. We didn’t practice anything or take classes at all and he was a pro! Our nurse was even telling everyone that we were the best labor team she has seen! I laughed when my mom told me that because we had no idea what we were doing. I had only asked Collin to help keep me calm and help me breath through my contractions. He was amazing!!

I’ve had people ask me if I will have all my kids this way, and the answer is YES. I was able to walk around during labor and I felt everything, which was helpful to know when to push. I think my labor went so smoothly because of it. In all honesty, I was afraid of being restricted to my bed and not being able to move my own legs. I will definitely not get epidurals in the future if I can. If you have ever wanted to not get an epidural, do it! You can do it. I believe that if you think you can, then you will be able to. All you need is a great support system.    

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

38 weeks.

If you were to ask me how pregnancy has been, I would say wonderful!! Up until April 22nd. If you didn't read what happened that day, you can read that here. I feel like things have gone a little downhill ever since. I honestly have loved being pregnant. Even through those beginning weeks when I felt nauseous, or the beginning of my second trimester where I puked more than I ever did in the first. I've loved watching my bump grow and feeling my baby boy move around all the time!  But these last 2 months of pregnancy have been kicking my butt.

I had a bit of a crazy day yesterday. Let me start back about 3 weeks. One night as I was rubbing my stretch mark lotion on my belly and hips, I noticed a random mole on the side of my hip that I had never seen before. I actually thought I just had a speck of something on me and tried to brush it off. Then I looked closer and noticed it was a mole. I  have moles and freckles all over my body, so it wasn't that unusual to find one. I had just never seen this exact one before. I sent a picture of it to my mom and asked if a mole could just appear overnight. She said with pregnancy that anything is possible! She also thought it looked scary and I should get it checked out right away. So I called the next day to make an appointment. I went in to the dermatologist last week and he also thought it looked a little scary and he removed it. He said if I don't hear back from him in one week, then everything was normal with it.

Yesterday as my hubby and I were sitting in the waiting room at my OB's office I got a phone call from the dermatologist. He called to inform me that the mole he removed was in fact stage 1 melanoma. He said he would need to do surgery and remove more of the skin beneath it and around it to make sure he gets all the cancerous cells removed. I go in next week for that to be done. Unless I'm in labor or something fun! But I probably won't be.

It was finally time to go in for my 38 week appointment. The first thing they do is check your blood pressure. My blood pressure in the past has always been normal. The nurse said it was high and that she wanted to get the machine to double check it. The machine confirmed what she had got when she took my blood pressure. The OB came in and checked me. I'm still not dilated. At all... come on baby boy!! I thought I was all done and right when we were about to leave a different nurse came in to recheck my blood pressure again. It was even higher than the first two times. The OB came back in and said he wanted me to go to Labor and Delivery right away for a Non Stress Test. I told him about the news I had just received from the dermatologist and he said that would probably make anyone's blood pressure go up. But he wanted to make sure it wasn't something more serious, like Pre-eclampsia. He said they would monitor the baby and I for a little while and if my blood pressure didn't go down, they would do a blood test. If the test came back positive for Pre-eclampsia then he would want to deliver me right away.

Wow!! Hold on. I just found out I had a cancerous mole and now I might be having a baby tonight?? I was a little bit concerned as we headed over to L&D. But then I kept thinking about it more and I just knew my blood pressure was high because of the news I received right before taking my blood pressure. I started to calm down and relax a bit. Obviously since I'm sitting here typing this post, I didn't end up having to deliver my baby last night. My blood pressure came down quickly and everything turned out to be just fine.

As we were sitting there in L&D doing the Non Stress Test, I kept thinking about all the things I still need to do and accomplish before my baby boy arrives. So I'm a little bit relieved that it didn't all happen last night. Even though we have everything and it all would've worked out. I realized that I need to get my butt in gear and get everything finished quickly because he could come literally any day now. Hopefully he just waits until Grandma Sherry gets here next week! Once she is here then he is free to come at anytime! We are getting so very close to meeting our baby boy and we couldn't be more excited about it! Collin took me to Sonic later on because I thought I deserved a milkshake!


I thought I deserved a Sonic shake at the end of my crazy day!

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Hello friends! I thought I'd do a quick update on how things are going. I'll be honest with you and say that this liquid/pureed food diet is kicking my butt! I have absolutely zero energy. I know that being in my last trimester of pregnancy doesn't help with that either. I'm still working Tuesday-Saturday and it's getting a little bit hard for me. My body hurts and my sciatica is acting up again. This time on the right side. Super fun! Haha. It will all be worth it though.

When I got back to Oklahoma and told my OB what happened, he was totally surprised and hadn't ever had this happen to a patient of his before. (Read last post for the story). He wanted to get me an appointment with a nutritionist so that they could give me ideas on how to get all the nutrients, protein, and calories that baby boy needs. The nutritionist was booked out until September.. so obviously that doesn't work for me. Luckily I have an amazing mom who is very smart when it comes to food and all that good stuff. She has helped me come up with different foods to eat and she has been awesome!! She is my nutritionist. My OB also tried to get me an appointment with the GI here in town and he wouldn't even let him make an appointment for me! He said he doesn't want to see me until after I deliver. Ugh!! All we want to do is make an appointment for the procedure to be done. We already know what needs to happen. That has been super frustrating for me. I am just hoping when he finally does see me that he can do the procedure right away and not be booked out for X amount of weeks. I think I will die if I have to continue this diet longer than necessary. I'm mostly worried about my milk supply dropping with eating this way. I want to breastfeed and be successful. I know that everything will work out though.

Doctor said that baby should be able to get all the nutrients and calories that he needs. But if for some reason he starts falling behind in growth then he will want to induce me early and deliver baby boy at 38 or 39 weeks. That is just because baby would be better off out here in the world breastfeeding than not getting what he needs in my belly. Hopefully he is getting all that he needs to grow strong and healthy though!

33 days people!! (Or longer. Or sooner.) I seriously can't believe how soon we will get to see our baby boy! We went shopping last weekend to get the rest of the baby stuff we still needed. That made everything feel even more real for us. I'm a bit upset that we are moving so soon after he gets here, because that means I don't get to decorate a nursery right now. (insert crying face). I know that I could, but what's the point?! He will just be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for the first little while anyways. And then we move. I will just have to wait and decorate his nursery when we move. That will give me something fun to look forward to!

Here are some recent bump pictures. If you follow me on Instagram or snapchat (alilynnbush) then you've probably already seen these pictures. Baby boy is growing! Which means mama's belly is growing too!! It's so much fun!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Chew your food Ali.

I will always remember week 31 of my pregnancy. On Friday I was out to lunch with one of my best friends, Kennedy. We were at Wingers enjoying our sticky fingers when I started choking. There was chicken stuck in my esophagus and I couldn't get it down. I was able to breathe still, but it was painful and scary. I tried drinking water to get it down and the water couldn't even pass through, it came right back up. A random stranger ran over to try the heimlich on me but nothing was working and we didn't know what to do. 

Kennedy insisted on calling the ambulance so the paramedics could help me. I honestly didn't want her to because I know how expensive that all can be. But she was worried about me and the baby and she called. I am so thankful she listened to her gut and promptings and called. I took an ambulance ride to the ER at Utah Valley where I spent the next 9 hours. I asked the paramedic to call my dad and have him meet us at the ER.  

Poor Kennedy had both her kids and was trying to help me and get my purse and figure out what to do. She was a champ!! She can also say she saved my life after all that went down. 

I was in pain and uncomfortable as I could still feel the food stuck. After what seemed like FOREVER I was taken upstairs to the G.I. Doctor where they took me into a procedure room and sedated me (used something safe for baby). He used a tube and camera to see what was stuck and was going to either push the food down or pull it out. That didn't work. There was a huge piece of chicken stuck at the very bottom of my esophagus but there was tiny pieces of chicken and other food above it all along the rest of my esophagus. The doctor said it was way too dangerous to be in there because of the high risk of the smaller pieces of food and liquid going into my lungs, which would be life threatening. I was then taken back down to the my room in the ER while we waited for a few more hours until the doctor decided what would be the best and safest procedure. 

His first idea got turned down by another doctor because the risk of food and liquid going into my lungs was way too high. He then decided to take me into the OR to do surgery. They put me under with general anesthesia (safe for baby, but had risks of putting me into early labor). I did not like the risks at all. But they needed to get the food out. They were able to put a tube down my throat so that any food or liquid would go in the tube and not in my lungs. He was able to remove the small pieces and the very large piece at the bottom. It took about an hour. Everything went well and baby boy is healthy and strong and still cooking! I was worried about him more than anything else. My throat and esophagus have abrasions all over and it hurts to talk and swallow. I cough all day because of the irritation in my throat and that's no fun at all. But it should heal up quickly. 

The opening of my esophagus is very small and needs to be stretched. I've had a lot of acid reflux since being pregnant and that can cause the opening to shrink. I need to have a procedure done where they stretch the opening of the esophagus, but the doctor won't do it until after I deliver my baby. So until then, he put me on a very strict liquid diet. 8 more weeks until my due date and I have to be on a liquid diet and puréed food. It's going to be hard and it's going to suck. I'm mostly worried about getting enough calories and nutrients for the baby and I. If you have any recipes for smoothies or soups that you want to share, please do! Or any ideas on what I could eat. I need a variety so I don't get bored. I'm happy to be safe and alive and I'm so very happy that baby boy is safe. My sweet parents were by my side the entire time and took such great care of me. My poor husband is back home in Oklahoma and had to hear about all of this over the phone and couldn't do s thing about it. 

Now let's hope these next 8 weeks fly by! I'm sure they will be the longest 8 weeks of my life though... 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jewelry Lovin'

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 SLATE: Marble Trianle Studs. Love them!

SLATE: Marble Triable Studs

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Third trimester.

Hello third trimester! Don't ask me how time is going by so quickly. I only have 12 weeks left! Baby boy will be here before we know it!

I'm feeling great! I still make it to the gym at least 3 times a week. I've been doing cardio and strength training. I hope to keep that up until the end. But I will for sure listen to my body and see how I feel the further along I get. 

I had my 28 week appointment today and had to take the glucose test. People got me all scared for it saying it's the worst thing ever. I actually kind of enjoyed the drink. I could've had more. I had 10 minutes to drink it and I think I did it in under 2. Now fingers crossed that I passed! I haven't heard anything yet. No news is good news at this point. Now I start going to the doctor every two weeks. Things are getting real and exciting!

I get to go home to Utah in April to have baby showers. I am very excited about that! We don't have anything for baby boy yet, except clothes. We wanted to wait until after my showers to purchase whatever was left that we needed. 

We are keeping baby's name a secret until he is born. We are actually going to have our top two names and wait until we see him to make a final decision. But the first thing everyone asks is if we have a name picked out yet. I hate telling people no and acting weird about it. But I don't know what else to say! I just don't want to hear others opinions or have people start calling him by name when he is still in my tummy. It's weird to me. 

Here's to the third and final trimester!! 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Friday Favorites. Week 3.

It's crazy to me how quickly each week goes by. I feel like I was just writing my Friday Favorites from last week, yesterday! Now here I am again. Not sure if anyone even cares to read about these, but I'm gonna keep doing them anyways. For a little while. Until I run out of things to share I guess..

We've all heard of the Bai drinks right? Well I just had to see what the hype was all about. And they are yummy! There is just one gram of sugar and 5 calories. They are also antioxidant infused. I've only tried three flavors so far and have really liked all three. The watermelon one tastes exactly like Trolli Melon O's!! Those are my favorite and I haven't had them in years. I also can't find them anywhere now!! So if you know how I can get my hands on some, please tell me. Pregnant cravings are getting to me..

Beachfront Self-Tanning Body Lotion & Spray. I love it!! I've tried many different kinds of self-tanners and have struggled with them. They've turned out too orange and streaky. I love this one by Younique because it goes on smoothly and doesn't leave you looking orange or streaky. It also doesn't have a strong fragrance.  They've put a bronzer in the lotion so you can see where you've put it on your skin. It also dries very quickly! I've put it on in the morning and gotten dressed a few minutes later and it doesn't rub off on my undergraments or clothes. I use the lotion on my legs and arms and the spray on the tops of my feet and my face. I suggest getting both for that reason.

Beachfront Self-Tanning Lotion


One application of the lotion.

NuMe wand. I absolutely LOVE this wand and the curl it gives. They come in different sizes. I have the 25 mm. When I first started using it I burned my hand a few times. Yikes. It comes with a glove, but I just can't use it. I have to be able to feel my hair in my hands. Maybe it's just the hairstylist in me. The wands are expensive but they go on sale ALL the time. In fact, I saw on their Instagram that they are on sale this weekend. Use code JOY19 at checkout. Get one!! You won't be disappointed. 



Hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend! We are heading down to Dallas to spend the weekend with family. We are excited for some nice weather too! 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites. week 2.

Is it Friday again already?! I'm not complaining. The weekend is a great thing. I feel like each week goes by faster than the last. This week I'm sharing three more of my favorite things. I won't always have the theme of sharing something from the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, but it just happened to work that way again.

Up first, my all time favorite candle. If you've never smelt this candle, then there is a problem. It's the best ever.  Capri Blue Candles makes many different styles of candles to fit your taste. I personally loved the white one and it goes perfectly in our bedroom on the side table. I'll be honest, I haven't even lite this one yet cause I don't want it to be gone. I smell it at night before I go to bed. My hubby makes fun of me every time.

Capri Blue Volcano Candle

The "Wet" Brush. Where do I even begin? Being a hairstylist this has saved me! I don't know what I ever did without it! I have one at home that I use on myself and one at work that I use on my clients. I use this brush every time I wash my hair. It's a miracle worker at getting out tangles and not hurting your head. Have a sensitive scalp? Or maybe a daughter who hates getting her hair brushed? This is the brush you need!! You can buy it pretty much everywhere. Target, Ulta, Amazon, maybe even Walmart.

The "Wet" Brush

My favorite thing to add to my post workout protein shakes lately has been spinach. We could all use more greens in our diets right? I know I could. Sneaking greens into smoothies is the easiest way to do it! This is just the way I like to package and freeze my ingredients. I cut up one whole banana and put 2 ounces of spinach into a plastic bag and freeze them. I love using bananas and spinach frozen in my smoothies to give it that smoothie like texture. I don't use any ice at all. I'll use these in fruit smoothies as well. Super easy and convenient.

Green Protein Shake recipe:

1 whole frozen banana
2 oz. spinach
2 Tbs Natural Peanut Butter
1 C. fat free milk (or whatever milk you drink)
1 scoop chocolate protein powder of choice

Put in blender and enjoy!
Frozen banana & spinach

Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite things? Share recipes with me too please! Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!