Wednesday, July 27, 2011

flowers make me smile.

a simple act goes a long ways.
i love all the cute things that a boy does for his girl.  like takes her flowers, buys her lunch, takes her on a cute date, goes for a walk, talks for hours about nothing and everything at the same time, writes her cute notes, and the list goes on.. well there is this cute boy that does cute things for me:)  i get cute notes from this boy all the time.  notes? yup i said notes.  sounds like we're in third grade huh? wrong, just something cute we like to do.  one night he picked a flower from somebodys yard and gave it to me. and of course i got mad at him for picking it from someone's yard, but it was really cute of him.  he now picks flowers for me all the time.  its way cute and always makes my day a little better. thank you Alan Williams for being my cute boy:) 

he brought me flowers to school on my birthday:)



  1. This is so funny to look back on! I'm glad this is still available to read. I totally remember you hitting me for taking the flowers.... It's so great to know you're in a good place in your life now! Tell the husband I say hi!