Friday, August 19, 2011

its a favorite thing of mine.

as you may or may not know, i work at a kiosk in the mall.  its called Minky Couture.  but this post isn't about that.  this post is about my love for "people watching".  its the best thing ever.  one of the main reasons why i like my job.  at the mall, you see the weirdest kind of people... not a lie. 

some examples:

-the weird looking couples:  big girl with little guy.(how do they cuddle? he's gonna be squished..)  tall girl with short guy.(just doesn't look right.)  cute girl with not so cute guy.(girl, you can't settle!)  cute guy with not so cute girl.(hello!! i'm single!)  or my favoirte, two guys or two girls holding hands(no comment).  awesome. 

-a boy wearing high heels.  awesome dude.  he walked better in them then some girls i know. pretty sad if ya ask me.

-the people that i see and i want to ask them if they got dressed in the dark.  or maybe their 3 year old sister dressed them today?  or that boy who might have accidently put on his little sisters pants... too tight! 

-i notice hair all the time, since i'm in hair school.  what are some people thinking?? i have no idea.... i wish i could help them.

-girls, i love wearing heels and i love the sound of heels on the floor, but if you CAN'T WALK IN THEM, DONT WEAR THEM. please and thank you.  biggest pet peeve: girls who can't walk in heels, yet still wear them.  why????

-some people i have to question if thats their mom or their girlfriend that's holding their hand...

-those pants are way TOO HIGH... those pants are way TOO LOW.. where are YOUR PANTS??

i'm quite embarrassed for some people that i see at the mall.  but they make my job more enjoyable.  so thank you to the weirdos that roam the mall. 


  1. Love people watching! You should check out all the crazies I get to see at the airport! Especially all the ones from out of the country. I'm starting to like the manpris. Wonder if Trent would wear a pair.....

  2. haha i bet you see a lot of crazy things!! thats is really funny! oh i think maybe he would.....;)