Friday, August 5, 2011

lunch date.

last wednesday i was able to go to lunch with Lori, my birth mom.  she brougth her cute little girls.  my half sisters:)  i love being able to say that.  Macee and London are their names.  Macee is 4 and London is 1.  so they don't really know exactly who i am, but one day they will understand.  they are so adorable.  i was so glad i was able to meet them.  i already have such a strong love for them.  we met at Zupa's for lunch.  it was yummy.  i couldn't stop smiling and being so happy. we just talked and i got to talk to the girls.  it was a blast.  i love being with Lori.  i know i just met her a month ago, but i honestly feel like i've known her forever.. i love that feeling.  Lori said that i could do her hair next time she gets it done.  i am stoked!! i love doing hair so much.  and when i do people i know and love, it's even better!  she told me she wants to go chocolate brown.  i said i could do that.  it may sound super dumb, but i was a little sad when she said that.  we look so much alike already, but if she changed her hair, then we wouldn't as much.  well our eyes, and nose, and teeth, and everything is basically identical.  but i love that we are both blondies!  she told me just the other day that she wants to stay blonde this time.  so i am very happy about that:)  she invited me to a bbq in a couple weeks with her husbands family.  of course i said yes! i love meeting new people.  i can already tell that her and her husbands family loves me.  and i am so blessed to have them all in my life.  i'm overwhelmed with joy and excitement to be able to meet them.  soon i will get to meet all of her family as well.  how exciting:)  so much has happened and continues to happen in my life right now.  i am enjoying every minute of it.  i have an amazing family who raised me and loves me to death.  and i have an amazing birth mom who gave me the opportunity to live and grow up in a family so amazing.  thank you Lori for your great strength and endless love.  thank you to my dear family who has raised me and put up with me all these years.  i don't know what i'd do without any of these people in my life.   i love you all.

me and the girls:)

i love them all so much:)

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  1. I LOVE this. I envy you so much, because you get to do this!