Wednesday, August 10, 2011

what's your story?

every person has a story.  we all have heard the old saying, "don't judge a book by its cover." well its totally true.  each person has their own story, and unless we look past the cover and open it up and read, then we aren't giving anyone a chance.  you don't know if that girl with the smile on her face is faking that smile or not.  i'm sure we have all faked a smile before.  i know i have.  i do it often.  it definitely is not fun.  just because someone is rude to you, don't be rude back.  you don't know if they've had a hard day and are happening to take it out on you.  which is completely unfair, but it happens.  i just don't think everyone gets the chance they deserve.  be a friend to everyone and always make people feel good.  don't tear people down just cause you are having a hard time.  they could be too.  open up to those you love and trust.  if you have to fake it, then fake it til you make it.  judging others is pointless. cause honestly, you have NO IDEA what is going on in their life.  we all have struggles and trials.  sometimes you think your trials are so much harder than others, and sometimes you feel like other people have it harder than you.  but God gave us all trials, only to become stronger people.  my trials are different than yours, but what i get, i can handle. what you get, you can handle.  we will never be faced with something that we can't get through.  so lets all be a friend to everyone and be there for someone when they need you.  don't judge. just love.  the smallest things can make the biggest difference.  lets just make sure we are making those big differences something good.

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