Friday, August 5, 2011

where have you gone?

has summer come and gone already?  or do i just feel this way because my tan lines are simply disappearing?  since it is only the end of July, i will have to go with choice number two.  at the beginning of the summer i was able to visit seven peaks water park after school most days.  now with my new job, i never have a spare moment for my second home.  the past few summers i have spent at seven peaks with my best friend kirsten.  now this summer has been completely different.  with us growing up and being, what they call "adults" now, summer just isn't quite the same.  i can't complain too much though, i am making money, which is always needed.  i was missing the sunshine a whole lot the other day, and so on my day off (i get one day off every month from hair school, usually the last wednesday of the month) on wednesday, after i went to the gym i decided to put on my swimsuit and layout on my tramp.  i didn't have enough time to go to peaks, so the tramp would have to do.  i got a little bit of color.  but if you saw me, you would not believe me.  it's sad, i know.  when i drink a smoothie, it helps me feel like it's summertime just a little bit.  so today on my way home from school and on my way to work, i stopped at jamba juice and got a smoothie. yummmmmmy.  so as i'm sitting here waiting for someone to come buy a dang cute blanket from me, i sip away on my jamba and eat my bread from great harvest.  dear summer, please find me again. i miss you.

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  1. boo :( i hate this. SO much. i don't even HAVE a tan line.