Friday, September 30, 2011

a cute boyy.

so there is this cute boy.  he's not my cute boy, but he's cute.  i want to share this quote by him, to you. please enjoy. 

"My favorite thing is short, sweet, but passionate kisses. 
Rare enough to keep them special,
but often enough to make the girl feel important."

don't you wish EVERY guy thought like that? wow. i do. so dang cute.

Monday, September 26, 2011

its just another guessing game.

hi. so i'm just wondering... are you gonna kiss me or not?

thompson square, you are singing the song about my life right now. thanks.

i'm ready. are you?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

craving me some...

i'm craving me some..

sleep.  i don't even know what that means anymore.. 4-5 hours a night? not so good for me.

time with Lori.  i miss her.  i want to have a" her and i" day, where we just do stuff together, like shopping, mani's, pedi's, lunch, and more.

cute boy.  i haven't seen him for a couple days now.  he hasn't talked to me for two days.  but i can't cave in.  he's gotta be first this time.  i think we might be playing with them tonight. so excited.

ice cream.  maybe some graham canyon from the byu creamery, or maybe some cookie dough, or some yogurt land with fruit. mmmm.

new clothes.  i desperately need some fall cothes.  i just bought a long black skirt (for school of course) and a cute shirt and a super soft hoodie.  but i need MORE. hehe.

vacation.  i need a break from the world right now.  i want to go somewhere warm, lay on the beach and get a tan, not have a worry in the world, and just be free.  sounds amazing.

ryan robinson.  he's my best friend. always has been, always will be.  its been a few weeks since i've seen him.  i miss his face a lot.  hopefully i will get to see him next weekend.  he finally lives closer than 3 hours away!! yay.  still about an hour and a half.  but thats better than 3. 

i just need to fulfill all of these cravings.  soon.  or i might die. :)

not so fun.

oh how i love working for six hours in a noisy mall when i have a major migraine.... awesome.

Monday, September 19, 2011

fall is in the air.

fall is defintely in the air..  every morning is getting colder and those "warm summer nights" no longer exist.  these facts make my heart a little bit sad.  but FALL means FALL CLOTHES AND SHOES!! wooo. my heart just got happier. today i bought 2 pairs of boots!  regularly $80.  but i'm a great shopper and got them both for a total of $20.  how did i do that, you ask?  well... i had a punch card that i filled up, which means i get a free pair of shoes.  and it was buy one get one half off.  so what did i do?? i got my free pair and the second pair half off.  oh how i love boots:)  i definitely need to go shopping for fall clothes now. 

let the fall begin..

Saturday, September 17, 2011

my best frann.

exactly one month ago today, my very best friend in the whole wide world left for college.  some days it seems like she's been gone for years, and other days it seems about a month.  either way, she has been gone and i haven't seen her for a month.  i miss her more than anyone else does.  and i WILL argue with anyone who thinks differently.  road trip soon? YES PLEASE. i need to see her and talk to her.  we used to talk all the time right when she left, but we haven't been talking lately.  i've hated it.  i understand she needs her time and space away from her friends at home so that she can get into school and make new friends.  that is why i haven't been talking to her.  but i do wish she'd shoot me a text or maybe a phone call or skype once in awhile.  i don't always wanna be the first one to say something. i love her so much and i hope to see her soon. 

i love you kirsten elizabeth <3

Monday, September 5, 2011

one gone, three gained.

who would've thought that after high school i'd be best friends with Lacey Ivey, Caitie O'Gwin, and Haley Holdaway?  definitely not me.  i mean, i wasn't even friends with caitie or haley in high school, well we became friends at the very end.  i have gotten so close to these beautiful girls.  i've grown to love them unconditionally.  last night the four of us had a very deep, amazing conversation for 3 hours.  it was full of stories, tears, and love for each other.  we shared our trials and our heart aches.  we didn't judge. not once.  we listened, gave advice and hope to one another.  last night we grew as friends more than ever.  i would give anything and do anything for these girls.  they mean the world to me.  i know if i ever need someone, i can count on them.  i needed to hear everything that was said in our heart to heart.  truly amazing how everything works out.  one of my best friends left me to go to college, and i gained three in return.  but kirst will always be my very best friend and sister.  no matter how far away she is. 

we are all waiting for this apartament to open up so that we can move in.  we honestly CAN'T wait any longer.  its getting a bit ridiculous.  we are always together and out til 2 am anyways; we might as well live together now.

i can honestly say that i have never loved a group of girls more than i love these three.  thank you for everything.  friendship is such a blessing.  i can't wait for the great memories to be made.    

a quote from lacey:

"and you wonder what's different about my friends? they are angels. they just don't have wings."

so true.  this is exactly how i feel about these amazing girls.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

a wonderful adventure.

as you may know, i went to lake powell two weeks ago with lori and her family.  i can honestly say that it was one of the best trips i've ever been on.  i met a lot of new people.  i had the chance to meet lori's dad and his wife, her brother and his wife, and another family.  her family is awesome.  i loved everyone there.  they were all so kind and loving.  i felt so welcomed and loved.  one night we were sitting there and an overwhelming feeling came upon me and i was starting to choke up and my eyes were starting to water, then lori asked me what was wrong and thats when the tears came...  i didn't know how to explain why i was crying.  i don't know if i even can.  but i will try...  i felt so loved by everyone there and i honestly felt like i had known these people my whole life, not just a few days.  i was also thinking about how everything has unfolded.  words can't even explain how i feel about all of this.  i am truly blessed.  everything has turned out so perfectly, when it could have all gone so wrong.  thinking about all of this made me cry.  lori sat by me like a concerned mother.  she isn't coming into my life to take over and be my mother, but she can be my mom in a way. i already have two.  and now her. amazing.  she did some other things that made me feel like her little girl.  this may sound so stupid but i got hurt the first day we were out on the water and she took care of me.  my leg was cut and bleeding and she held her hand on my leg during the boat ride back to the houseboat.  everyday she put a new bandaide on me.  i'm 18, i can put my own bandaides on right?  right.  but she put them on for me.  i loved that.  dumb right? maybe, maybe not.  but i felt like she was my mom and i was a little girl.  i kind of got to experience things that a little child experiences with their mother as they are growing up.  she always asked if she could get me stuff during dinner, and she put sunscreen on me before we went out on the lake.  there were many times when i wanted her attention i almost said "mom".  which i guess isn't the wrong name for me to call her, i just don't know if she'd be okay with it or not..

i got to try new things!! wake surfing, knee boarding, and wake boarding.  soooo much fun! i also got to go tubing.  wake surfing was definitely my favorite thing.  lori did wake surfing for her first time as well.  it was so fun to do and to watch her smile, sitting on the back of the boat watching me learn.  i love watching her smile.  it makes my heart happy.  she is beautiful.  i can't even tell you how many times i thought that while looking at her everyday.  some days felt like a dream, like i wasn't really there with her.  but i was.  and it was amazing.  there were similarities that people noticed about lori and i while in lake powell.  both of us stick our tongues out when we are concentrating.  we have the same feet. (her husband said that).  there were more that i can't think of.  but we have a lot of similarities.  NATURE VS. NURTURE takes over here.

lake powell = 6 hour car ride there, 6 hour car ride back
6 hour car ride = talking to lori
talking to lori = learning so much more about her
learning so much more about her = loving her more and more
loving her more and more = wanting to be with her more and more

lake powell was incredible.  i'm glad i was able to get school and work off to go.  thank you lori :)


ali lynn & lori lynn

learning how to wake surf (before i got hurt)

lori learning how to wake surf!

all the girls with bracelets:)

ali lori & baby london

cute hair!

and i mastered it!

love my sisters:)


love this girl <3


trying to wake board!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

back in the habit

last night i tried on some old dance dresses from senior year.. they didn't fit. that's NOT okay.  i haven't been going to the gym like i normally do.  i've become "too busy".  i go to school from 9-4:30 monday through friday.  i go to work from 5-9 every monday wednesday friday.  i go to UVU for a night class tuesday and thursday from 5:30-7. and i work saturdays from 12-6. pretty busy yeah? but i'm sure i could squeeze time in for the gym.  i've gotta!! and what better place to write about my goals than my blog!  once i write them down and have them up for others to see, then it will be a better motivation.  so here it goes!

goals: -go to the gym and work out everyday. (6X a week).
-eat healthy. healthier.. (less junk and less eating out) 
-remember that "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

i just want to feel better about myself.  and i know if i workout everyday, then my days will go so much better and i will be happier.  i've done it before and i've loved it.  i just need to get back in the habit.  its not that i want to be "skinny", just be the best i can be.  i'm not at the best i've been, and i want to be.  i want to be content with my body.  i know i can do this!!

wish me luck!!