Sunday, September 4, 2011

a wonderful adventure.

as you may know, i went to lake powell two weeks ago with lori and her family.  i can honestly say that it was one of the best trips i've ever been on.  i met a lot of new people.  i had the chance to meet lori's dad and his wife, her brother and his wife, and another family.  her family is awesome.  i loved everyone there.  they were all so kind and loving.  i felt so welcomed and loved.  one night we were sitting there and an overwhelming feeling came upon me and i was starting to choke up and my eyes were starting to water, then lori asked me what was wrong and thats when the tears came...  i didn't know how to explain why i was crying.  i don't know if i even can.  but i will try...  i felt so loved by everyone there and i honestly felt like i had known these people my whole life, not just a few days.  i was also thinking about how everything has unfolded.  words can't even explain how i feel about all of this.  i am truly blessed.  everything has turned out so perfectly, when it could have all gone so wrong.  thinking about all of this made me cry.  lori sat by me like a concerned mother.  she isn't coming into my life to take over and be my mother, but she can be my mom in a way. i already have two.  and now her. amazing.  she did some other things that made me feel like her little girl.  this may sound so stupid but i got hurt the first day we were out on the water and she took care of me.  my leg was cut and bleeding and she held her hand on my leg during the boat ride back to the houseboat.  everyday she put a new bandaide on me.  i'm 18, i can put my own bandaides on right?  right.  but she put them on for me.  i loved that.  dumb right? maybe, maybe not.  but i felt like she was my mom and i was a little girl.  i kind of got to experience things that a little child experiences with their mother as they are growing up.  she always asked if she could get me stuff during dinner, and she put sunscreen on me before we went out on the lake.  there were many times when i wanted her attention i almost said "mom".  which i guess isn't the wrong name for me to call her, i just don't know if she'd be okay with it or not..

i got to try new things!! wake surfing, knee boarding, and wake boarding.  soooo much fun! i also got to go tubing.  wake surfing was definitely my favorite thing.  lori did wake surfing for her first time as well.  it was so fun to do and to watch her smile, sitting on the back of the boat watching me learn.  i love watching her smile.  it makes my heart happy.  she is beautiful.  i can't even tell you how many times i thought that while looking at her everyday.  some days felt like a dream, like i wasn't really there with her.  but i was.  and it was amazing.  there were similarities that people noticed about lori and i while in lake powell.  both of us stick our tongues out when we are concentrating.  we have the same feet. (her husband said that).  there were more that i can't think of.  but we have a lot of similarities.  NATURE VS. NURTURE takes over here.

lake powell = 6 hour car ride there, 6 hour car ride back
6 hour car ride = talking to lori
talking to lori = learning so much more about her
learning so much more about her = loving her more and more
loving her more and more = wanting to be with her more and more

lake powell was incredible.  i'm glad i was able to get school and work off to go.  thank you lori :)


ali lynn & lori lynn

learning how to wake surf (before i got hurt)

lori learning how to wake surf!

all the girls with bracelets:)

ali lori & baby london

cute hair!

and i mastered it!

love my sisters:)


love this girl <3


trying to wake board!


  1. This was the best trip ever! I am so glad you got to go, my Ali Lynn! I loved that I got to take care of you when the surf board bit you! Also love how all my girls love each other! And most funniest, that we both stick our tongues out :) funny!!!"

  2. seriosly the best trip ever:) i love those girls with all my heart. and it makes me so happy that they love me back. its way funny that we both stick our tongues out! love that!!