Saturday, September 3, 2011

back in the habit

last night i tried on some old dance dresses from senior year.. they didn't fit. that's NOT okay.  i haven't been going to the gym like i normally do.  i've become "too busy".  i go to school from 9-4:30 monday through friday.  i go to work from 5-9 every monday wednesday friday.  i go to UVU for a night class tuesday and thursday from 5:30-7. and i work saturdays from 12-6. pretty busy yeah? but i'm sure i could squeeze time in for the gym.  i've gotta!! and what better place to write about my goals than my blog!  once i write them down and have them up for others to see, then it will be a better motivation.  so here it goes!

goals: -go to the gym and work out everyday. (6X a week).
-eat healthy. healthier.. (less junk and less eating out) 
-remember that "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

i just want to feel better about myself.  and i know if i workout everyday, then my days will go so much better and i will be happier.  i've done it before and i've loved it.  i just need to get back in the habit.  its not that i want to be "skinny", just be the best i can be.  i'm not at the best i've been, and i want to be.  i want to be content with my body.  i know i can do this!!

wish me luck!!

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