Saturday, September 24, 2011

craving me some...

i'm craving me some..

sleep.  i don't even know what that means anymore.. 4-5 hours a night? not so good for me.

time with Lori.  i miss her.  i want to have a" her and i" day, where we just do stuff together, like shopping, mani's, pedi's, lunch, and more.

cute boy.  i haven't seen him for a couple days now.  he hasn't talked to me for two days.  but i can't cave in.  he's gotta be first this time.  i think we might be playing with them tonight. so excited.

ice cream.  maybe some graham canyon from the byu creamery, or maybe some cookie dough, or some yogurt land with fruit. mmmm.

new clothes.  i desperately need some fall cothes.  i just bought a long black skirt (for school of course) and a cute shirt and a super soft hoodie.  but i need MORE. hehe.

vacation.  i need a break from the world right now.  i want to go somewhere warm, lay on the beach and get a tan, not have a worry in the world, and just be free.  sounds amazing.

ryan robinson.  he's my best friend. always has been, always will be.  its been a few weeks since i've seen him.  i miss his face a lot.  hopefully i will get to see him next weekend.  he finally lives closer than 3 hours away!! yay.  still about an hour and a half.  but thats better than 3. 

i just need to fulfill all of these cravings.  soon.  or i might die. :)

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