Saturday, September 17, 2011

my best frann.

exactly one month ago today, my very best friend in the whole wide world left for college.  some days it seems like she's been gone for years, and other days it seems about a month.  either way, she has been gone and i haven't seen her for a month.  i miss her more than anyone else does.  and i WILL argue with anyone who thinks differently.  road trip soon? YES PLEASE. i need to see her and talk to her.  we used to talk all the time right when she left, but we haven't been talking lately.  i've hated it.  i understand she needs her time and space away from her friends at home so that she can get into school and make new friends.  that is why i haven't been talking to her.  but i do wish she'd shoot me a text or maybe a phone call or skype once in awhile.  i don't always wanna be the first one to say something. i love her so much and i hope to see her soon. 

i love you kirsten elizabeth <3

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