Monday, September 5, 2011

one gone, three gained.

who would've thought that after high school i'd be best friends with Lacey Ivey, Caitie O'Gwin, and Haley Holdaway?  definitely not me.  i mean, i wasn't even friends with caitie or haley in high school, well we became friends at the very end.  i have gotten so close to these beautiful girls.  i've grown to love them unconditionally.  last night the four of us had a very deep, amazing conversation for 3 hours.  it was full of stories, tears, and love for each other.  we shared our trials and our heart aches.  we didn't judge. not once.  we listened, gave advice and hope to one another.  last night we grew as friends more than ever.  i would give anything and do anything for these girls.  they mean the world to me.  i know if i ever need someone, i can count on them.  i needed to hear everything that was said in our heart to heart.  truly amazing how everything works out.  one of my best friends left me to go to college, and i gained three in return.  but kirst will always be my very best friend and sister.  no matter how far away she is. 

we are all waiting for this apartament to open up so that we can move in.  we honestly CAN'T wait any longer.  its getting a bit ridiculous.  we are always together and out til 2 am anyways; we might as well live together now.

i can honestly say that i have never loved a group of girls more than i love these three.  thank you for everything.  friendship is such a blessing.  i can't wait for the great memories to be made.    

a quote from lacey:

"and you wonder what's different about my friends? they are angels. they just don't have wings."

so true.  this is exactly how i feel about these amazing girls.

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