Friday, October 7, 2011

4 hours later.

this morning i woke up, got ready, and went to the doctor.  well the hospital.  i had to get an MRI.  not just a regular MRI, but the kind where they have to inject a dye into your hip before.  the injection literally felt like they were putting 20 bricks on my hip.  the pressure was intense.  now let me back up a little bit.  i had to fill out a bunch of paper work and pay $100 copay. $100?? wow. expensive... sorry mom.  after the paper work was all done, the nice lady at the desk walked me back over to the hospital where i would get my injection to then return to her office for the MRI.  they made me fill out more paper work at the hospital.  then they took me to a room where there were scrub pants and a hospital gown.  i HAD to put them on.  gross. i put the gown on backwards i guess?  i was only trying to make a fashion statement witht the ties in the front... my bad.  i sat in the room for about 30 minutes before someone came in.  they said they'd be ready in about 15-20 minutes.  ONE HOUR LATER, someone else came in and said it'd be 15-20 minutes longer.  ummm excuse me, you said that an HOUR ago!! i'm missing school right now, so if you could get me in and out of here that'd be great thanks... (i didn't really say that to them).  they felt bad that i had been waiting so long, so they brought me a list of places i could choose from and reciece a $25 gift certificate.  there were restaurants and stores and the movie theatre.  of course i chose the university mall! might as well buy me a new shirt.  so then about 20 minutes later they came and got me and we went into the surgical room..  this is where they injected the dye.  ouch.. weirdest feeling.  then after that they had to wheel me back to the other building.  yes, i had to ride in a wheelchair.  i just wanted to walk!  but the less movement, the better the dye stays in place.  i got there at 12.  i first got to the hospital at 9:30 for my appointment.  once i got to the place where the MRI was going to happen they said it'd be 15-20 minutes before they could take me back.  i've learned by now that when they say 15-20 minutes, they really mean 30-60.  so 30 minutes later they came and got me.  i layed on a table, turned my feet so my big toes were touching (which hurts my bad hips anyways), he taped my feet in that position.  then i went in the tube.  can you say claustrophobic???  the top of the tube thing i was in was literally 2 inches (if that) away from my face.  and my arms were touching the sides.  i wonder how large people fit in those.... they don't? 45 mintues later i was done.  my back and hips were killing me and my hands and arms were numb.  you can't move a muscle in those MRI's.  it sucks.  i finally left the hospital at 1:30 and made it back to school by 2.  my hip is very sore and still a little numb.. i can't get comfortable... ugh.  and now i'm working for 4 hours at a kiosk.  boo. so now we wait for the results. finding out if i have torn cartilage in my hip or not.  i'll let you know how it goes.  i even got a cool, blue hospital wrist band! check out my picture!

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