Saturday, October 29, 2011

8 hours of work today. what to do?

well i have to work at this dang kiosk for 8 hours straight today. all alone. so i might as well blog about something right? thanks to carlee for giving me this "i'm bored and need something to do at work" idea. here i go..

Last beverage = Monster energy drink. we went to a party last night. gotta have one of those.
Last text message = ya its pretty fun. I learned a couple years ago for airplane crash scenarios that we have to do -- form Lori :)
Last song you listened to = How to Love. Lil Wayne. he's sooo hot. mmmm. 
Lost someone special = yes.
Been depressed = yeah. but not way bad. 

teal. purple. gray.
Fallen out of love = nope. never was actually in love.

Laughed until you cried = this happens often. Corey Moris made me laugh until i cried on sunday at church. first time ever meeting the kid. hillarious.
Met someone who changed you = definitely. thanks caitlin tara and haley janae :)

 How many kids do you want to have = 4. thats plenty. What were you doing at midnight last night = getting my freak on at a halloween dance duh. Name something you CANNOT wait for = i'm with carlee on this one.. finding the guy i'm gonna marry.

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = that i didn't have to get surgery right now. so inconvenient..
What are you listening to right now= people walking in the mall. some talking about my zombie costume. i can hear you! thanks for the compliment :)
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? sure have.
What's getting on your nerves right now = hmmm actually nothing at the moment. i'm sure that'll change
 Relationship Status = single. but not really wanting to be..

He or She? = i'm a she, but i like he's. mostly;)
 Do you have a crush on someone? = yes i do. hehe:)
What do you like about yourself? = my talent to be able to dance. my cute little nose.
 Eating = nothin. but i'm hungry. good thing caitlin loves me and is bringing me food today. i work 8 hours straight and i can't leave this dang kiosk. ha ugh..
 Drinking = nothing. but i'm quite parched to be honest.

I'm about to = blog stalk some more people and talk to the verizion boys.
Feeling= tired. headache. i've had a migraine for a week now. nbd.
 Want kids = of course. i love kids.

Get Married = please and thank you. i'd be okay with knowing who he
Career = cosmetologist, dancer/dance instructor, mommie.
Hugs or kisses = i love hugs. always. but cute, sweet, random kisses are the very best. preferably on the forehead. thats a favorite of mine.
Shorter or taller = taller please. 6'2" at minimum. too much to ask for..? 
Older or Younger = older please.
Nice stomach or nice arm= both? haha.
 Broken someone's heart = yes. but they're over it. i didn't mean to. i would never mean to.

 Had your own heart broken = most definitely. too many times.
Turned someone down = sure have
Cried when someone died = yupp.Fallen for a friend = yes. yes i have. a best friend.
 DO YOU BELIEVE IN:Yourself = most the time i do. Miracles = absolutely. Love at first sight = uh not sure.. has never happened to me.
 Heaven = 100 percent
Santa Claus =duh. who doesn't?  Kiss on the first date = ummm why not?
Angels =definitely.
Did you sing today? = well seeing as i drove my car to work... i definitely sang today. its a daily routine. nbd.

If you could go back in time, how far would you go, and why? not sure i'd go back in time. i try not to live in the past. look to the future. :)
 If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?= ummm lets do my first kiss with this amazing guy.. it was adorable.  
Are you afraid of falling in love?= no. but i'm afraid of getting my heart broken..
Do you like your life?= i love my life. obviously there are things i wanna change. but i love what i have been given. and i love the people i'm surrounded by daily.

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