Wednesday, October 5, 2011

cheers to the freakin' weekend.

i had a very spontaneous weekend.  here is a recap.


8:15: left for school.  yes i went to school on a saturday.  doesn't happen very often, but when mommie wants her hair done and she can't come in during the week, you gotta make a sacrafice and go to school and not work. 

4:50: got home from school.  asked mom if i could go to Parowan (near cedar city for those of you way confused right now) with Ryan right now.  expecting mom to say no, i was freaking out when she said yes! i told her what my plan was. 

  • pick up ry in nephi
  • drive to his house in parowan
  • then go surprise kirst in cedar city
  • figure out a place to sleep ( i told her probably at kirst's or megan's house. megan is ryan's sister)
  • watch conference on sunday and spend time with ry and his fam
  • drive home
5:04: talking to mom and dad about going.  mom said yes as long as i was home before dark on sunday night.  too bad it gets dark at freaking 4pm!! but of course i  agreed to that, knowing i probably wouldn't make it home before it got all the way dark, but i would sure try.

5:15: packing random stuff and putting it in a little bag to take with me.

5:30: driving to pick up stuff from mommie oak's to take to kirst.

5:35: getting on the freeway to go get ry. i definitely missed the nephi exit.  oh there's  3 nephi exits? and i missed ALL 3??  thats me for ya.  i'm great with directions... just ask kirst.  i finally got to him somehow.

6:59: finally picked ry up.  yeah i know, that took WAY to long to get him. ooops... kirst called.  guess where she is going right now? oh just to kanab.  its only like an hour and a half away from cedar!!! i'm ticked.  no kirst this weekend? NOT OKAY.

9:00 ish:  got to ryan's house in parowan. guess who called?  yup, kirst.  good news! she is on her way back from kanab.  she found someone going back to cedar and jumped in their car! (a friend that she knew of course).  i was SO EXCITED.  ry and i got in the car and drove to cedar to see my best fran. 

9:30:  got to kirst's apartment.  i turned the corner and she was standing in the parking lot, on the phone with me. right when i saw her i turned into a parking spot. (well not really a spot, cause i was pretty crooked..oops)  i got so excited to see her, i just outta my car and we ran up to each other and she jumped in my arms.  (ummm this sounds like a  mushy love story... remember that i haven't seen my best friend for over a month and a half okay. so its fine.)  we talked and she took us on a tour of her appartment.  it is really cute!  she was complaining about her bangs being too long and wasnt sure if she could wait another 2 weeks to get them cut when she comes home.  good thing i had my hair kit in my car!  i trimmed her bangs while we were there. 

11:00:  left kirst's place and ry and i went back to his house.  we got into his mom's car and drove up to Brianhead.  we dropped the car off at a friends house and got on a fourwheeler to drive to his cabin.  i drove and made him hold all the bags haha.  it was freezing cold on that fourwheeler.  we finally got to the cabin, ate some food and warmed up.  his whole family, plus some extra, were there.  after they fed us we cuddled up in a blanket to get warm and watch a movie. 

2:00 am:  ry got up and went upstairs to sleep.  megan and i were down on the couches with little kids sleeping on the ground.  all the boys were upstairs and the parents in the bedrooms.

3:00am:  woke up.  replied to a text.  fell asleep.

4:10am: woke up.  rolled around.  i was NOT comfortable on that hard couch.

5:03am:woke up.  i guess i was trying for waking up every hour.  i was contemplating moving to the ground.  i thought it might be more comfy than the couch.  my back was hurtin..

7:32am:  i slept more than an hour this time! it was still to early to be up. 

8:34am: woke up and everyone else was kinda waking up as well.

9:30:  ate breakfast and got ready to watch conference. 

10-12:  watched conference.  felt the spirit.  got uplifted.  thank you.

12-2:  started to watch Rio.  such a cute movie.  decided a fourwheeler ride sounded fun and i wasn't feelin too well and need some fresh air.  he drove us out to a beautiful overlook of a little lake.  we sat and talked for awhile.  ryan is one of my best friends and has been since i was 15.  i love that kid.

2-4:  ate some dinner and watched the second session.  we left at four to go back to ryan's and get my car and go home.

7:00:  saying bye to ry.  saying bye was really hard for me this time.  i had never spent that long with him before.  its usally just a couple of hours that i get to spend with him.  it was an amazing weekend with him.

so raise your glasses && cheers to the freakin' weekend! 
what a success!  i love my best friends more than they will ever know.  thanks for an amazing weekend ry amd kirst :)   

p.s. pics to come soon. 

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