Monday, October 24, 2011


i honestly don't know why it hurts.  do you??

why does it hurt to see someone that you used to like, be with somebody else?  especially when they didn't treat you right or respect you. that doesn't make sense to me.  so why when i see it happening does my tummy start to feel sick...?  instead of feeling bad for the girl and hoping he does't treat her the way he treated me, i'm hurt that he found someone else? hahahahaha. all i can do is laugh.  cause i honestly don't know the answer.  but i hate this feeling. so much. 

maybe...... its cause they were hanging out when we were together and he said they were just friends.  OBVIOUSLY there were feelings earlier.  right?? ah i don't know. ugh. help me. someone.

1 comment:

  1. i read that post too baby girl and thought about you. hope you're okay. i know the feeling, trust me. i've been there plenty of times.

    we just gotta keep hanging on.

    love you.