Monday, November 21, 2011

3 weeks.

3 weeks from tomorrow = surgery

surgery = me being scared, nervous, frustrated, and lots of anxiety

the other night i went to the gym and i just danced in the open room they have.  i just put my ipod in and improved for awhile.  during one of the songs, i started to cry.. i am honestly getting so nervous about all of this.  so many things could go wrong.  they won't, but they could.  i'm very frustrated with the recovery time and what i can't do.  i can't drive for 6 weeks. i can't run or jump for 4-6 months. which means i can't dance for 4-6 months.  you might as well KILL ME.  i literally danced and cried that night at the gym.. i texted my mom and told her how frustrated and scared i was.  that made me cry even more.  this will be tough for me.  really tough.  I CAN DO THIS. i will need a lot of love and support from family and friends, but i know i can do this.  

i want december 12th to hurry up and come, but december 13th can stay away for a little while..
p.s. i will be done with all my 2,000 hours at hair school on the 12th :)


  1. this is going to be something really hard to go through, that's true. but I love you "WE CAN DO THIS" attitude, because you CAN. You're that kind of girl Ali, you can seriously do anything! I love you and it was so good seeing you tonight. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers okay!? Let me know if you ever need me to drive you around and I will come visit and help you!! xoxoxo

  2. tiff you are amazing. thank you so much for that. it means a lot. i would love if you visited me and hung out! pretty much doing simple stuff though haha. i love you girl :)