Monday, November 14, 2011

crazy month.

for the next month, i might be going crazy.. ever since my surgery got scheduled, everything else has to get done before that. i am stressing out. major.  i start FINAL PHASE tomorrow.  this is where i have a class for a week that prepares me every step of the way for my state boards.  i'm excited and a little nervous.. so i finish with those classes on monday the 21st. then on wednesday the 23rd, i go to SLC to TAKE MY STATE BOARDS. really?? that just moved up a month or two from when i thought i was gonna take them. soooooo scary.  but that is honestly the ONLY day i can take them.  cause i sure as heck am not waiting to take them 4 months after i graduate. that'd be dumb. 

for the next 3 wednesday's in a row i have to go give blood. i'm donating it.  to myself.  yup i said myself.  weird huh? but i lose so much blood during surgergy that they have to do a blood transfusion afterwards.  its much safer to use your own blood rather than the hospital's supply.  i have never given blood before... wish me luck!!

i am going to go to the gym everyday to workout and to dance.  i won't be able to even run or jump for 6 MONTHS after my surgery.  that is NOT okay.  i will probably go insane. but really. 

well wish me luck with all the crazy things i have going on within the next 29 days! i'm gonna need all i can get!

happy monday bloggers!


  1. so crazy. love you baby girl.
    i'm here when you need ANYTHING:) even if you don't. that is, if your other friends will step away and give you carlee time!!

  2. thanks car! i will need YOU for sure. love you:)