Wednesday, November 9, 2011

December 13th.

today i went to the doctor. this was a follow up appointment. more info about my hip.  this time we were scheduling surgergy... scary thought.  the doctor told me he was booked out for the next 3 months.  busy man.. my eyes started to fill up with tears and i almost started to cry.  he told me he would try to figure something out.  he said he would move two of his patients from the 13th to the 12th.  he normally doesn't work on that day, but he was trying to make room for me.  at the moment, his assistent walked in the room and said that somebody just called and cancelled their surgery on the 8th so that is open now.  he was able to move the patients to that day.  someone is definitely looking out for me. so i'm scheduled for the 13th of December. that is SO soon.... ah. i'm freaking out a little bit.  i was so worried about hair school and wondering if i was going to be able to finish by then.  so when i got to school, i went and talked to my advisor who is in charge of hours.  so i have to have 2000 hour to graduate.  she figured out that if i start going to school on saturday's, including this saturday, then i will be able to finish.  So now i will be going to school monday thru saturday and i won't miss anything.  if i do this, i will finish school on December 12th.  the DAY before surgery.  everything has been working out so perfectly.  i know i'm suppose to have this surgery. so i will be taking my state boards on the 23rd of November. i don't wanna talk about it... i will be in the hospital for a minimum of 3 days.  i would love some visitors:) don't hesitate to drop by and say hi, maybe bring me some flowers, treats, balloons, or a stuffed animal.  i'm open for anything! for 6 WEEKS i will not be able to put any weight on my right leg.  this means no driving for 6 weeks. wow. i might forget how to drive a manual.... and the WORST part.... i will be on crutches for 4 months. yes i just said 4 MONTHS. that is insane. i will be exhausted and have huge arms by the end of that.. haha.  so i will be spending most of december and some of janurary in front of the t.v. watching movies.  so if you wanna join me, feel free :) i will be starting school at UVU on Jan. 9th i believe. so walking around campus on crutches, in the snow.... sounds like so much fun... ugh.. soooo wish me luck with all that i have coming up within the next month! imma need all i can get!


  1. love you baby girl. me and jord will come visit and bring you candy :) and I'm up for late night movies and sleepovers! :)

  2. ali i'm so sorry this is happening to you. i remember all through high school talking about your hip. i love you and i'll definitely come visit you!! maybe walk you to class?

  3. thanks bre! i would love if you visited me :) walk me to class?? that is the best offer yet!! haha you're so cute :)