Wednesday, November 9, 2011


so as you all know, i'm in hair school.  my hair changes a lot.  not EVERY week like my mom always says.. haha. so i've had some different colors and cuts. and i want YOUR opinion! so speak up. tell the truth. you won't hurt my feelings. i promise. i've had people straight up tell me they hate my hair. so don't be afraid to share your honest opinion. what do you like best?

long and blonde.

long and dark.

short, blonde, with red block color.

short and red.

so tell me what you think :)


  1. BLONDE!!!!! :)

    and when you say the people that straight up say they hate your hair..well, you know i'll always love YOU :) maybe sometimes just not your hair.

  2. Long & blonde with red block!! Red? Not soo much. But you're gorgeous anyways!!

  3. love the blonde, not so much the black. the red is yummy and spontaneous. but then again, you're yummy all together.

  4. Blonde. Any length.

    P.S. I love that picture of you and Kirsten…back when people thought you were twins. :)

  5. I'm really liking it blonde! The short and blonde with red block is my favorite! :] How fun you get to experiment with so many colors!

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  6. I love how daring you are with your hair and how open you are to trying new things; I admire it!!!
    ANY, really.. You look FABULOUS with all of these.
    My favorite is short blonde with red, and WITH FEATHERS in there of course!!! And I'm diggin how freakin BOLD the red is!!!
    Point being.. You go girl! and I love you. and miss you. sleepover at the appt soon? so down.

  7. thanks for all the opinions and advice ladies! i appreciate the honesty :)

    and tiff. i admire YOU. love you girl :)