Wednesday, November 2, 2011

technicolored dream couch?

guess who moved out?

we did!!

we moved out last night. don't worry that we were at walmart until 1:45 am. nbd. our little apartment in south orem is just so cute. i will post more pictures later. so haley and i were at D.I. shopping for our halloween costumes when we ran into this couch. i loved it right away. it grew on hay after a while. but we bought this technicolor dream couch (as haley calls it) for only $30. what a steal. it looks just great in our apartment. pictures and stories of our will ve coming soon :) i know you are just dying to come see our apartment and have a sleepover. we like guests :)


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you girls!!! You're going to create lasting memories…make them the best ever! I will admit, though, that I've had a few tearful moments this week. Missing all my kids so, SO much. And that includes YOU, sweet girl!

  2. thanks!! we love it! we need to come visit you. i miss you lots! and i miss my best friend more than anything... i will come cry with you mommie.