Tuesday, December 27, 2011


caitlin tara.

caitie is one of my very best friends.  she is such an amazing girl.  she is loyal, caring, loving, hardworking, and super funny.  i moved in with her in november.  best idea ever.  we've had some fun times.  caitie and i didn't become friends until the last month of high school.  i'm sure when people from high school see us now, they are so surprised that her and i are friends.  i didn't really know caitie that well.. and she thought i was a stuck up brat.  now that we are friends, she realized that she judged me wrong and i just come off as a very confident person.  i'm glad that is all over now.  i honestly don't know what i would do without caitie's friendship.  she came into my life when i needed her most, and she hasn't left.  i know that our friendship will be a life long friendship.  i wonder how things would be different if we had been friends in high school.  i don't know that we'd be as close as we are now.  i'm thankful for this beautiful red headed girl that i have in my life.  i can never thank her enough for all she has done for me.  we've made some great memories and more are on their way.  caitlin tara, you are incredible. thank you. i love you :)
we were matching for church one day.. accident i swear.

going to church!

cruisin in the truck
yes.. i know. weirdest combo ever. she's a strang one;)

we have candy runs sometimes.
yogurt land :)

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