Tuesday, December 20, 2011

recovery road.

hello bloggers. missed me? didn't think so. haha but i'm back.  i had surgery a week ago today.  and now i'm on the road to recovery.  everything went well with the surgery.  there was only one problem.  i had to get an epidural.  yes, epidural. and i didn't even have a baby!! ouch.. it took the anesthesiologist about an HOUR to put it in.  that shouldn't happen. it doesn't happen.  i don't even remember longer than 5 minutes of it.  they sedated me more and more i think.  so they cut me open and peeled away muscles, ligaments, etc, and cut my bone in 3 different places and then screwed it in place and sewed me up.  you can see the x-ray below. remember that blood i donated to myself before surgery? well we used to pints of it.  i had 2 blood transfusions after surgery.  they made such a big difference.  i had more energy and i actually had color back in my face.  i had lots of visitors at the hospital.  someone was with me every single minute.  i loved that.  you know kirst, my best friend, well she wasn't suppose to come home from cedar till saturday.  she showed up on wednesday at the hospital and surprised me! it was the BEST suprpirse!!  caitie stayed over night with me on tuesday night, kirst stayed wednesday night, and lace stayed thursday night.  i have the greatest friends.  carlee came and saw me a few times.  one of the times she gave me a manicure. how cute! i got to go home on friday night.  i was more than ready to be home.  now i've just been in bed.  my days consist of sleeping, reading, watching movies, and sometimes eating.  my meds have taken away my appetite though.  good diet plan right? ha you'd think so.  but nope. the doctor says i have to eat.  so it's hard to do that. i look at food and i wanna throw up.  so i'm workin on it.  i love visitors, so if you are bored, come visit me :) this will be a long road, but i can do it.  i just need the love and support from family and friends.  which i am getting and love it. i will try and blog some more now that i just sit around all day.  but i might not have too much to say haha. we will see. wish me luck and a get well soon!

i look so sick :( best friends :)

mani :)

x-ray. 4 big screws. 1 small screw.
best friend.

cooper. al. kirst.

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