Sunday, December 30, 2012

happy holidays.

it has been far too long since i've posted.  life gets busy and i have other things on my mind.  however i somehow keep up with a few blogs that i follow.  Christmas was fantastic this year.  it was my first Christmas with my sweet husband.  we were able to go back and forth between our families on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  we are so blessed to have both our families so close.  basically we drove around from orem, to sundance, to highland and back and forth.  it was a little crazy at some points, but very much worth it.  santa came to both of our parents houses.  we definitely got spoiled.  we ended up having to open our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve morning.  that was the only time we had to ourselves.  collin got me a lot of clothes.  that was all i wanted this year.  i got him clothes, a wallet, a tie, and a hat.  we spoiled each other too.  Christmas was filled with joy, happiness, and love this year.  i couldn't have asked for a better first Christmas with my man. i hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as we did. Happy Holidays!

stocking for collin.

stocking from me to collin.

sumner christmas party.
gift exchange with the bestie.

playing just dance 4.

christmas eve pjs.



Sunday, November 18, 2012

hair blog.

just thought i'd let all my readers and fellow bloggers know that i started a hair blog! woo i am excited about it.  go read and follow here . bare with me while i get it all started.  should be good though. i'm trying to share my work and get more clientelle so i can be busy doing what i love  to do.

p.s. my best friend, carlee, designed my new header.  what do you think?? had to change the name of my blog since i'm married and everything.  i needed a change.  always seem to be looking for a change.
happy sunday bloggers!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

another change.

Being a hairstylist gives me the right to change my hair all the time right? Well i guess I think it does. I honestly change my hair all the time. It's probably not good. I decided to go brown. The husband made me promise him I would go brown again sometime, so I did. He LOVES it. And I love that he does. It's a fun change. I'm sure it will be different in about a month or so.

Thinking about changing your hair? Do it! And give me a call:)

Monday, October 29, 2012


we have Netflix now and I wanted to start a new show. I decided on Pretty Little Liars. I've always thought it sounded a bit stupid, but let's be honest... I'm addicted now. I'm only in the beginning of season 2, so if you know how it ends then DON'T tell me. Sometimes I think I have an idea who "A" is and then something unexpected happens and I get confused again. Something new pops out from every corner. The show has definitely got me pulled in. Who the (for lack of a better word) hell is "A"?! I just wish I could watch all of the seasons in one day. I usually watch a few episodes each night. I also watch an episode on my phone at the gym while I ride the bike. Hopefully I get to finish them soon.

What shows are you really into?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

nerf guns.

my husband has been stressed about school lately and so I wanted to cheer him up tonight. He came home to a nerf gun war! It was so fun and he laughed and smiled! He said it cheered him up a lot. He was so surprised and got way into it. We had a blast! Thanks to pinterest for the idea!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

i'm thankful for you.

as i sit here eating my bowl of yogurt and granola i'm pondering my night.  i went to the high school region dance concert tonight with BreAnn Kimball.  love that girl.  can i just tell you how much i miss dancing? well i don't know if i can even put it into words.  my hip still give me trouble, and my flexibility has gone out the door since my surgery.  tonight after the concert i went to the gym and danced.  the big room was empty, so i took advantage of it.  it wasn't very pretty, and i hope nobody was watching.  it felt so good to move though.  i love how i can express my feelings through my dancing.  dancing clears my head and makes me feel so alive. i would've given anything to be up on that stage tonight. 

high school girls are so funny to me.  there are those girls who act like you are best friends, even though they never said a word to me when i was in high school with them.  now that i'm married its like we are now best friends.  too funny.  i don't miss high school at all.  just the dancing part.  i am so grateful for my friends that i still have from high school/dance. miss breann is such a great friend.  we became friends our sophomore year in TDT.  we have been through a lot together, but i wouldn't change it for anything.  we aren't the type of friends who hang out all the time, but when we see each other, we talk and talk and talk forever.  we tell each other everything.  i know that i can always count on her for anything.  next is annie. that girl is amazing.  she has always been such a good friend to me and to whoever she knows.  she inspires me so much.  especially through her dancing.  tonight i am thankful for friends who are truthful, loyal, honest, and caring.  thank you girls for being just that.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

as of late.

I'm not very good at this blogging thing. But you already knew that. I've been super busy working two jobs. I do love my new job at the bank though. Here are a few pictures to show what I've been up to lately, besides working. If you follow me on insta then I'm sure you've seen all of them.
We had a craft night with some cute girls at the salon and I made the BOO sign. I love it and I'm proud of it! I finished my pillows two weeks ago and it feels great to be done! The husband bought me some new Nike flex running shoes as a surprise. Isn't he the best?! It makes me want to go to the gym all the time now since I've got cute and comfy shoes. That's a great motivation. Life is great and my husband is the best guy I know. He is my best friend and I'm so lucky to have him.

Goodnight bloggers!

p.s. sorry about all the pictures being out of order.  it won't let me mix them around for some reason :/
halloween nails!
REAL Soccer game!
couch: before.
made this at craft night!
such a fun night at comedy sport!
yogurt land with the hubs and sister-in-law.
craft night with my ladies!
couch: after!
surprise shoes from my best friend.  love hm!
fun halloween nails!
making pillows for my couch!

Monday, September 24, 2012

it's my best friends birthday.

happy birthday to my best friend Carlee Ellen Badger. Can't believe she turned 20 today! No more teenager. I love this girl to death and I don't know what I would do without her. She means the world to me. She has helped me through so much. She ha been there for me no matter what. I hope you have the greatest day Car! I'm so glad we met junior year. Love you pretty lady.

Friday, September 21, 2012


this week has been a long one. I am so glad it's Friday. I've been at training all week and its BORING. Since i've already worked as a teller for two days before i trained, i already know what we are getting taught. Thank goodness for insta, pinterest, and blogs to keep me alive while i'm here.

guess who has a double date tonight? my hubby and I. We are going to dinner and mini golfing with my best friend Alyssa and her new boy, Preston. Haven't met the kid yet, but I'm excited to meet him. He seems like a great guy and I'm so happy for her! I need to get all my friends married so we can have fun date nights always!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

one month down, eternity to go.

we celebrated our one month of being married on Friday. it was a great day. we went and did sealings at the Provo temple. what an amazing experience. it was a little emotional for me cause it reminded me of our sealing just one month prior. we then went to dinner at outback, mmm delicious! afterwards we watched the hunger games. i still love the book more, but they did a fabulous job on the movie. needless to say, we had a wonderful time together and that first month flew by fast. it seems like it was just yesterday that we got married. one month down, eternity to go.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I can blog from my phone.

exciting news of the day: I figured out that I can blog from my phone! Yay for that. I'm sure every other blogger out there already knew that. I'm behind on technology I guess. Don't judge.

The husband was told to gain weight for rugby this year. Hahaha wish I had that problem. I guess while he gains weight I will be losing weight. Let's see how that'll work in the kitchen.

I absolutely love my new job. I never ever thought i'd work at a bank and look what I'm doing! I have training all next week but on Tuesday and Wednesday they were short handed on staff and threw me on a box and I worked as a teller for two days. Haven't even been to training yet! I'm pretty great you could say. Nah, I've got great people I work with that helped me learn. I was told to bring snacks and games and have naps at training since I already know everything. Looks like I'll have a great week!

Thank heavens it's Thursday. I'm ready for the weekend! Happy Thursday bloggers!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

this and that.

job hunting has ended.  i am officially a part of the Wells Fargo Team. 3 hoorays for me! i will be working as a teller part time and also working in the salon the other part.  i will be a busy, workin girl.  making money will be so worth it though. 

thanks to pinterest for great dinner ideas.  i made a delicious chicken pasta the other night and my husband LOVED it.  he said it compares to his all time favorite dish, poppyseed chicken caserole.  that was a huge compliment.  i will be looking on pinterest for more dinner ideas. 

picture from pinterest.  so yummy!

i've decided to become a bit more crafty by making pillow covers for our couch.  the swade mocha couch cover with the blue denim pillows is just not working out for me.  also i need halloween decore.  i will also be making some fun things for that.  its cheaper and much more cool to say, "i made that."  wish me luck! if you have any pointers or great craft ideas, please don't hesitate to fill me in. 

i have plenty of decorations for my apartment that we got for our wedding.  the only problem is that i don't have that creative eye.  i don't know where to hang everything.  HELP ME.  anyone and everyone is welcome to come over and help me decorate.  i'll make treats too.  thanks.

i love that my name is ali bush now.  its so cute.  and i love my husband even more.  its amazing how my love for him grows each day.  i can't wait for eternity. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

job hunting.

now that my husband is back in school and rugby, he won't be able to work that much.  i am looking for a second job to help support us.  i wish i could just stay home all day and cook and bake. collin thinks i'll get over my love of cooking dinner every night in about a month.  i am determined that i will prove him wrong.  i want to do hair still, and i will, but i can't go to the salon every single day.  i would go crazy.  so if anyone knows of a part time job that i might like, let me know!  i applied and interviewed for a bank and i am applying at a tanning salon.  free tanning anyone? my mom says that causes cancer.. but lets be honest, i dont really care.  if i'm supposed to get it, i'll get it whether i work there or not.  wish me luck with job hunting please, i need it.

p.s. i miss my hubby when he leaves for school everyday.  he left an hour ago and i already miss him. normal or am i just pathetic?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

just call me wifey.

i'm MARRIED now. yay. i love married life.  its starting to sink in a little bit. maybe. i will do a post about the wedding when i get our pictures back.  be excited.  we had an amazing honeymoon in peurto vallarta, mexico.  it was beautiful there.  the condo we stayed in was right by the beach.  the only thing in between the condo and the beach was the swimming pool.  heaven.  we came back late on thursday night and we opened presents and got our apartment mostly set up during the weekend.  reality started yesterday.  i was actually quite excited for reality to start again.  8 days in mexico was a little long for me.  but collin and i grew together so much by spending all of our time just us two.  i loved every minute of it.  i love being a wife.  i love cooking dinner and having it ready for when my cute husband walks through the door from work, school, and practice.  cooking and baking are going to take up a huge part of my time.  and that is a choice i made.  i could cook and bake ALL day if i had the chance.  if anyone wants anything yummy, i'll take requests now.  let the married life begin!

p.s. if you are a young married couple, like my husband and i, we would love to hangout and do married people things with you :)

Friday, August 10, 2012


my bedtime was an hour ago.  i was suppose to go to bed early because i am going through the temple for my first time in the morning.  we have to be there at 7:30 am.  that is too early if you ask me.  it will be an exciting, but nervous day.  not a bad nervous, but a good nervous.  it will be different, but extremely incredible.  i can't believe its already here.  next thing ya know i'll be married for two months. crazy!

p.s. i have 4 more sleeps all by myself.  lets hear a woot woot! i'm a little excited if you can't tell. august 14th is right around the corner.  literally.

Monday, July 30, 2012

i had a birthday, shout hooray.

i had a wonderful birthday on july 21.  my friends, family, and handsome fiancee made this day a special one. at midnight exactly on my birthday my fiance gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sweet note.  i was also lucky because he walked into the room singing happy birthday to me! he is a cutie.  i went to sleep and got woken up by my two best friends at 6:30 in the morning.  they took me to ihop for breakfast.  it was delicious and way too early.  i took a nap after breakfast and then got ready for the day.  my man brought me a birthday present.  it was an Atlanta Braves hat.  it was actually the exact same hat he was wearing the first day we met.  i have been wanting a baseball hat for awhile now.  i love that he chose to get one that had meaning and a story to it.  we went to brick oven with my family that afternoon and then spent the early evening playing card games, laughing, and hanging out with each other.  that night he took me outside and gave me an envelope that said "clue #1".  he took me through some memories that we've had together.  isn't he so cute and creative? i love him.  the last clue took me to the park where he proposed to me.  he stood there waiting for me.  we started out slow dancing to our favorite songs in the park and then watched my favorite movie, "The Notebook" on a lap top and snuggled in a blanket.  i would have to say that my birthday was a success!