Sunday, January 1, 2012

goodbye and hello.

2011 was a big year for me. let's see what happened..

i made many new, amazing friends.
i graduated from high school.
i started blogging.
i dated my best friend.
i got my heart broken.
i met my birth mom.
i learned so much about myself.
i turned 18.
i got a good part time job.
i met my birth dad.
i spent a week in lake powell with my birth mom and her family.
i watched my best friend leave for college.
i was the assisstant coach for Timpanogos Dance Team.
i took a night class at uvu for a semester.
i changed.
i moved out.
i got a twitter.
i graduated from paul mitchell hair school.
i've learned to juggle 3 different families.
i had a major hip surgery.

i'm so blessed and thankful for all the memories that 2011 brought me.  2011 will always be a year to remember. it will definitely be a hard year to beat.  but i'm ready for 2012 to go ahead and try! bring it on 2012!

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