Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a sad heart.

i went to dinner last night with a good friend of mine.  we went to noodles and company.  it was yummy.  as we sat there talking while we ate, i looked around the restaurant a few times.  i noticed a man sitting alone eating his dinner.  he looked like something was wrong or that maybe he was upset about something.  my friend and i decided to guess his life story.  my friend was facing me so he couldn't look at him while he told the mans' story.  he said that he was a p.e. teacher and he just likes to go eat out by himself after staying late at school.  never been married and not very happy.  my story for him was different...  i said that he just got a divorce and he isn't happy with his life and the decisions he has made.  this man made my heart sad to look at him.  we stayed at the restaurant for awhile.  i kept looking around as new people sat down.  all together i counted five people eating alone.  i didn't know people went out to eat at restaurants alone.  as i sat there staring at these people and guessing their life story, i realized that i am lucky to have good friends and family in my life.  i counted my blessings that night.  i so badly wanted to put those people all on the same table.  why eat alone when there are other peole sitting alone as well?  granted, some of those people were alone for a reason.. but i don't know that i could say that any of them actually wanted to be alone.  from the divorced p.e. teacher to the 50 year old computer programer who loves to read, to the lady in the sweat suit who went to dinner instead of the gym, they all made my heart sad and i pray that they can all find happiness in their lives.

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