Wednesday, March 28, 2012

bye bye lbs.

remember how i was on crutches for 3 months? and remember that meant no working out?  and now i stil can't run or jump or dance for 3 more months.  but i can do almost everything else.  anything that doesn't hurt my hip.  so i'm putting it out in the universe.  (i hear that helps make things happen)  i am going to lose the pounds that decided to join me the last three months. (plus some more!!) they are no longer welcome on my body.  so lets say bye bye to the lbs and hello to summer time!  i have been eating better, drinking more water, and working out.  I will work out every day except sunday.  and i will do my best to get in lots of water each day.  i also want to try and not eat sweets or junk food.  the only exception is special occasions or holidays.  and sometimes maybe just cause its been awhile.  i wish i would've thought about eating better when i was on crutches.   i was told by many people that i would for sure gain weight.  well... they were right! dangit.  so wish me luck on losing some weight and feeling great about myself!!




Monday, March 26, 2012

sometimes one is better than two.

no more medal things attached to my hands. its a miracle. but really.  its almost been a whole week without them.  a week and a half ago the doctor told me i could use one crutch instead of two.  this was an awkward stage of recovery.  although one was better than two, i wanted to totally get rid of those things.  3 months later, they are gone.  you might not recognize me without them.  i'm still getting used to not having them.  i still get up to go somewhere and i look around for my crutches before i take a step.  and lets talk about the stairs.... 3 months of step together, step together.... it may cause you to forget how to use the stairs normally.  it was a struggle the first few days.  my leg is weak and my balance is a little off.  i can't complain though cause i am halfway there.  the next 3 months of recovery include; no running, jumping, or sports.  this means no dancing.. i've already made it 3 months.. i can do it.  i can't wait until i will be able to dance my heart out again.  it will be amazing.  collin, the boy, is still getting used to the fact that i'm a normal person and don't have to use crutches when i walk.  we finally get to hold hands when we walk.  can i tell you how amazing that is?? that may sound soo stupid, but i honestly wanted to hold his hand more than anything.  life is great. and i'm totally and completely in love.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

date nights.

we like to have date nights. 
he makes us switch turns deciding what to do. 
we get creative sometimes.
sometimes we build forts and watch movies in it.

painting a mug.

color me mine.

me and the boy.


we like to make silly faces.

studying. he stole my glasses.


party time!

BYU Rugby game.

Friday, March 9, 2012

all i want..

all i want is to hold his hand when we walk together.  i want to be able to run around and play with him. i want to be the normal me.  and its weird to think that he only knows me as this.  someday soon i will be able to be myself with him.  he deals with me this way, he is amazing.  and if he loves to be with me now, i can't imagine how much better it will get. 

happy friday night bloggers! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

anyone there?

hey if anyone is out there listening, or reading i guess you would say, then give me a shout out. i do feel as though i talk to myself most of the time. so if you are there, make me aware. thanks and happy wednesday bloggers!

(i feel like i am in the movie i am legend right now)

Monday, March 5, 2012


my crutches are still attached to me.  going on 3 months next week.  i have calluses on my hands to prove that it has been too long.  i feel as though my crutches are a part of me now.  my boyfried, Collin, has only known me on crutches. isn't that weird to think about?  i go to the doctor on the 14th and hopefully that will be my lucky day.  i'm hoping the doctor will take me off of crutches.  but the worst that can happen is that he will graduate me to a cane.  yes i said a cane.  if that happens, i will give you permission to call me grandma ali.  lets hope and pray that doesn't happen. 

hope you are having a happy monday bloggers!