Monday, March 26, 2012

sometimes one is better than two.

no more medal things attached to my hands. its a miracle. but really.  its almost been a whole week without them.  a week and a half ago the doctor told me i could use one crutch instead of two.  this was an awkward stage of recovery.  although one was better than two, i wanted to totally get rid of those things.  3 months later, they are gone.  you might not recognize me without them.  i'm still getting used to not having them.  i still get up to go somewhere and i look around for my crutches before i take a step.  and lets talk about the stairs.... 3 months of step together, step together.... it may cause you to forget how to use the stairs normally.  it was a struggle the first few days.  my leg is weak and my balance is a little off.  i can't complain though cause i am halfway there.  the next 3 months of recovery include; no running, jumping, or sports.  this means no dancing.. i've already made it 3 months.. i can do it.  i can't wait until i will be able to dance my heart out again.  it will be amazing.  collin, the boy, is still getting used to the fact that i'm a normal person and don't have to use crutches when i walk.  we finally get to hold hands when we walk.  can i tell you how amazing that is?? that may sound soo stupid, but i honestly wanted to hold his hand more than anything.  life is great. and i'm totally and completely in love.

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