Monday, April 23, 2012

guess who is all finished with finals? ME.  yes, its true.  first sememster of college, completed.  feels great.  now i need a vacation.  which i so happen to be heading to st. george and vegas on thursday.  i get to meet up with the best friend and party thursday and then drive to vegas on friday to see The Phantom of The Opera.  i'm very exctied for a fun break and to spend time with her.  today has been extra long..  my math final was at 7 am this morning.   gross.  nobody should be allowed to do math that early.  its not healthy.  and speaking of healthy, i had my nutrition final today as well.  i felt like i did pretty well on both of them.  hip hip horaay for me!

p.s. tomorrow is a special day.  the boy is meeting Lori.  (she is my birth mom)  soooo excited:) i'll definitely take pictures and post about that later. 

 i need to paint my nails again soon.  what color??

Friday, April 20, 2012

as i'm sitting at school today waiting for my next class to begin, i browse on pinterest and come across this lovely quote.  honestly, i needed this quote at the exact moment i found it.  some crazy things have been happening and i'm not sure why.  i've come to realize who my true friends are.  every turn i take i get another surprise from a "friend".  some of the "pieces" have begun to fall into place and other "pieces" are still undecided on where they want to go.  i am a big believer that everything happens for a reason.  its just hard to smile and be happy when you don't know what the reasons are.  i hope to come to a conclusion sooner than later.  i know that everything will work out the way it is suppose to.  and i know that my true best friends will always be there for me no matter what.  "when life knocks you to your knees, you are in the perfect position to pray."  i don't know if thats the exact quote... but something along those lines.  i've been knocked to my knees quite a bit lately and i've prayed each time.  my prayers have been getting answered and i know that my Heacenly Father will continue to answer them as needed.  i hope you are having a better day than i am.  in the mean while, i will try to learn to laugh at the confusion and live for the moment because everything does happen for a reason.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

on the mind today:

pinterest is NOT working. which is NOT okay.

i want to take lots of pictures right now so i can post them to instagram.

wishing my hair was long enough to touch the top of my hip bones.

jealous of the girl in my english class who got engaged over the weekend.

annoyed that the middle button on my phone isn't working.  how am i suppose to get to anything else on my phone???

wanting new clothes cause i feel like i wear the same thing everyday.

craving mexican food.

feel like i should maybe start going to the gym twice a day.  yeah?

wanting a gym buddy for sure.

wanting a cute purse from tai pan.  i stare at them all day at work. nbd.

missing my girls.  a lot.

ready for some summer nights.

wanting a great body NOW. not later. 

happily in love with a great guy.

wishing finals were over already.

all in all its a fairly good day and i've got a lot on my mind.  happy wednesday bloggers!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

i know this is WAY late.. sorry about that.  but i figured i'd do it. i was tagged by this cute girl .  i am going to break one of the rules by not tagging anyone because due to the fact that i don't have many followers, they have all been tagged.  enjoy.

the randoms.
i would wear heels everyday if i could.

i have 3 rings that i never take off.

i have a necklace that also never comes off and it has 3 specail charms on it.

i am deathly afraid of the gate things that open and close for cars. (hopefully you know what i am talking about..)

i am completely in love with my best friend.

i wish that my pinterest board of fashion was actually my closet.

i am obsessed with baby clothes and shoes.

i paint my nails at least twice a week.

i wish i had the time to cook and bake all the time.

if i could live on the beach, i would live on the beach.

doing hair is a passion of mine.  i love making people look and feel beautiful.

i always spend and give too much to those i love.

i like food.  too much.  obviously.

my answers.

1. what is your very favorite quote?
"life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance int he rain."

2. if you could kiss any actor, who would it be?
Ryan Gosling. no need to explain.

3. if you could only shop one place your entire life, where would it be and why?
Nordstrom.  because they have such cute clothes and they are great quality.

4. biggest pet peeve?
i have a lot of these...  one is when girls where heels and they CAN'T walk in them.  if you can't walk in them, DON'T WEAR THEM.

5. favorite date you've ever been on, and what did you do?
we went to the park and took a walk.  then we danced in the middle of the park.  we ended the night with playing like children on the playground.  honeslty, i think it was my favorite because of who it was with.
6. if you could speak any language besides english, what would it be and why?
French.  I took it in jr high and i have forgotten most of it.  its the language of love duh:)

7. very favorite color right now?

8. favorite desert?
skookies. or pazookies.  half baked chocolate chip cookie with ice cream! yummy.

9. favorite song/artist?
i never have a favorite.  i have a favorite genre. does that count?? country all the way.
       10. have you been in love?

yes.  i am in love right now and it's the best thing ever.

11. you wedding is tomorrow. what are your colors?

teal. mustard yellow. light gray.

the randoms.

life has been crazy recently.

good crazy and bad crazy.

exciting things are happening and being planned.

school is ALMOST over.  hooray!!

i'm not excited or ready for finals.

i'm getting busier at the salon. (come in and let me play with your hair!)

i am trying to save every penny... but that gets hard.

i am falling more in love with my boy everyday.  (i didn't know that was possible!)

mother nature needs to make up her mind.  (praying she decides warm, beautiful weather)

my prayers are getting answered left and right.

i am so grateful for the blessing i have received in my life, especially as of late.

i have sold 5 blankets at work today.  (thats awesome! just so you know)

got some good news today, but have no idea how to react.

i'm so thankful for my parents and all that they do for me.

tonight is date night.  double with jord and lyss. stoked!!

happy saturday!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

my boyys.

we had a fun weekend with the fam.  i went to collin's rugby game on saturday and then we went to austin's baseball game and then to aj's ballroom concert.  cooper loves collin.  he'll be such a great uncle! and one day, an amazing dad :)  i am so blessed. 
my boys:) absolutely love this.

they are best buddies!

love these two so much.

not just a typical hard day.

the other day was a hard day for me.  not the typical "hard" day, but one that i didn't see coming.  the boy tried to cheer me up and it somehow made it worse and made us argue.  it was all a misunderstanding.  everything happens for a reason and i'm hoping things can turn around and go how i would like them to go.  i don't always get my way, but i would very much like it my way just this once.  if it could never be my way again, and only be my way this one time, i would take that trade.  that is how important this is to me.  wish me luck!!  i know you are probably confused right now, and i appologize. there are only few who know what i am talking about.  anyways,,, he knows exactly how to brighten my day.  i walked outside to go to work and founds these lovely flowers on my car.  they came with a precious note that i now have on my dash so i can see it everytime i'm in my car.  he is such a sweetheart.  i won't be letting this one go.  i encourage everyone to find a boy who treats them like a princess, and when you do, DON'T let go.
definitely made my day.
isn't he the sweetest?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happyy Easter.

today was a great Easter Sunday.  Collin and i gave each other a cute Easter basket.  we woke up early today to go to his cousins homecoming with his family.  after that we spent time with his family and ate lunch.  then we went to my house to help my momma get food and easter eggs ready for my extended family to come over.  we helped with food and then we hid easter eggs for all the little cousins to find.  we had a fun time being with my family tonight.  this Easter was definitely one to remember.  i love my boy.  i love my savior and the incredible sacrifice he made for me and for you.  i am so thankful for the atonement and for what it has done for me in my life.  i am so very blessed with amazing family and friends and of course my very best friend, Collin Bush.        
collins easter basket from me:)

my easter basket from collin.  he knows i love to color!

isn't he the cutest ever?!

Easter Sunday:)

happy Easter bloggers!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

i needed that.

i've been worrying about a few very important things lately.  this quote was exactly what i needed to hear.  i just need to breath, and what happens will happen for a reason.  all i can do is hope and pray for things to be how i would love them to be.  i hope everything works out.  these things are extremely important to me.. i hope this quote can help someone else today. 

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Monday, April 2, 2012

weekend recap.

i had a great weekend. what about you?
friday after school collin and i headed up to his mission reunion in bountiful. it was along drive. we talked, sang songs, and collin took a little nap. it was good to see some of his companions that i've met before. i was able to meet his mission president and his wife. we had food, talked and watched a slidshow. that night we stopped at his parents house to see his fam and talk with them for a little. saturday morning started early. we left at 8:00 am to go watch brandon, his younger brother, play rugby at davis high school in kaysville. that was an even longer drive. collins dad let us take his nice, new car. it was fun.  we watched a game and a half and then left at 12:00 to make it to the conference center for the afternoon session.  my daddy gave us tickets.  it was so fun being at conference with collin.  sitting there with him by my side, made me so happy.  i loved looking at the castle right across the street.  he will take me there someday.  after conference we went to collin's house and he went to preisthood session with his dad and brothers while i stayed witht he girls.  his mom and little sister and i went to kneaders for dinner, grocery shopping at smiths, and then got a movie from redbox to take home and watch.  i fell asleep during the movie, only to get woken up my a soft rub on my arm and a light kiss on the forehead.  we talked with the fam, ate junk food, and laughed til it go too late for the kids to be up.  collin took me on a walk around the block in our bare feet and basketball shorts.  when we got back, we took a blanket on the tramp and looked at the starts as we snuggled up together.  his mom offered us to stay at their house that nigth so that we could wake up and watch conference all sunday with them.  so of course we took the offer and stayed the night.  we were ordered to be, not only in seperate rooms, but seperate levels of the house.  so funny.  but we did as asked.  woke up the next morning to pancakes, eggs, and fruit.  watched the first session with the fam and then ate ham, potatoes, carrots, and rolls for lunch.  we got fed very well this weekend.  i was sad when it was time to leave.  i have come to love his family so much.  this weekend was full of love and happiness.  i got to know each family member better.  thats exactly what we all needed i think.  i couldn't be more happy and more in love.  each day seems to get better and better.  my weekend was amazing.  how was yours? 

happy monday bloggers!


conference 2012

conference with the boy.

sometimes we are children.

date night with the boy.  he took me to the park and we went on a walk.  i tried teaching him how to dance the waltz.  we slow danced in the park and talked.  it was romantic.  i love the cheesy romantic stuff.  we played on the swings and the playground.  it was one of the best nights i've had with him.  i'm happy. can't you tell?