Saturday, April 14, 2012

i know this is WAY late.. sorry about that.  but i figured i'd do it. i was tagged by this cute girl .  i am going to break one of the rules by not tagging anyone because due to the fact that i don't have many followers, they have all been tagged.  enjoy.

the randoms.
i would wear heels everyday if i could.

i have 3 rings that i never take off.

i have a necklace that also never comes off and it has 3 specail charms on it.

i am deathly afraid of the gate things that open and close for cars. (hopefully you know what i am talking about..)

i am completely in love with my best friend.

i wish that my pinterest board of fashion was actually my closet.

i am obsessed with baby clothes and shoes.

i paint my nails at least twice a week.

i wish i had the time to cook and bake all the time.

if i could live on the beach, i would live on the beach.

doing hair is a passion of mine.  i love making people look and feel beautiful.

i always spend and give too much to those i love.

i like food.  too much.  obviously.

my answers.

1. what is your very favorite quote?
"life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance int he rain."

2. if you could kiss any actor, who would it be?
Ryan Gosling. no need to explain.

3. if you could only shop one place your entire life, where would it be and why?
Nordstrom.  because they have such cute clothes and they are great quality.

4. biggest pet peeve?
i have a lot of these...  one is when girls where heels and they CAN'T walk in them.  if you can't walk in them, DON'T WEAR THEM.

5. favorite date you've ever been on, and what did you do?
we went to the park and took a walk.  then we danced in the middle of the park.  we ended the night with playing like children on the playground.  honeslty, i think it was my favorite because of who it was with.
6. if you could speak any language besides english, what would it be and why?
French.  I took it in jr high and i have forgotten most of it.  its the language of love duh:)

7. very favorite color right now?

8. favorite desert?
skookies. or pazookies.  half baked chocolate chip cookie with ice cream! yummy.

9. favorite song/artist?
i never have a favorite.  i have a favorite genre. does that count?? country all the way.
       10. have you been in love?

yes.  i am in love right now and it's the best thing ever.

11. you wedding is tomorrow. what are your colors?

teal. mustard yellow. light gray.

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