Monday, April 9, 2012

not just a typical hard day.

the other day was a hard day for me.  not the typical "hard" day, but one that i didn't see coming.  the boy tried to cheer me up and it somehow made it worse and made us argue.  it was all a misunderstanding.  everything happens for a reason and i'm hoping things can turn around and go how i would like them to go.  i don't always get my way, but i would very much like it my way just this once.  if it could never be my way again, and only be my way this one time, i would take that trade.  that is how important this is to me.  wish me luck!!  i know you are probably confused right now, and i appologize. there are only few who know what i am talking about.  anyways,,, he knows exactly how to brighten my day.  i walked outside to go to work and founds these lovely flowers on my car.  they came with a precious note that i now have on my dash so i can see it everytime i'm in my car.  he is such a sweetheart.  i won't be letting this one go.  i encourage everyone to find a boy who treats them like a princess, and when you do, DON'T let go.
definitely made my day.
isn't he the sweetest?

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