Saturday, April 14, 2012

the randoms.

life has been crazy recently.

good crazy and bad crazy.

exciting things are happening and being planned.

school is ALMOST over.  hooray!!

i'm not excited or ready for finals.

i'm getting busier at the salon. (come in and let me play with your hair!)

i am trying to save every penny... but that gets hard.

i am falling more in love with my boy everyday.  (i didn't know that was possible!)

mother nature needs to make up her mind.  (praying she decides warm, beautiful weather)

my prayers are getting answered left and right.

i am so grateful for the blessing i have received in my life, especially as of late.

i have sold 5 blankets at work today.  (thats awesome! just so you know)

got some good news today, but have no idea how to react.

i'm so thankful for my parents and all that they do for me.

tonight is date night.  double with jord and lyss. stoked!!

happy saturday!!!


  1. you are the cutest ever!! and i love your cute boy, i sure hope this is going somewhere that last eternity :) and i miss you dearly!!! so glad you are doing so well and loving life!! school is almost over that is so crazy and i'm so excited for you!! Good job for accomplishing one of your dreams, now you have many more to look forward to and accomplish. love you al, and i always read your blog to btw :)

    1. thanks ang!! it is definitely going in that direction:) you'll find out sooner than later!! i miss you sooo much. thank you!! i still don't have an invite to your blog... i NEED one! please:) i would love to hear about you and the hubby and baby jersey! :)love you!!!

  2. double date success! you and collin are so cute! rematch on that bowling soon! love you girl! :)

    1. success indeed!! thanks girl:) definitely a rematch! you did awesome! i need to work on my bowling skills.. haha. hope the foot is alright!