Monday, April 2, 2012

weekend recap.

i had a great weekend. what about you?
friday after school collin and i headed up to his mission reunion in bountiful. it was along drive. we talked, sang songs, and collin took a little nap. it was good to see some of his companions that i've met before. i was able to meet his mission president and his wife. we had food, talked and watched a slidshow. that night we stopped at his parents house to see his fam and talk with them for a little. saturday morning started early. we left at 8:00 am to go watch brandon, his younger brother, play rugby at davis high school in kaysville. that was an even longer drive. collins dad let us take his nice, new car. it was fun.  we watched a game and a half and then left at 12:00 to make it to the conference center for the afternoon session.  my daddy gave us tickets.  it was so fun being at conference with collin.  sitting there with him by my side, made me so happy.  i loved looking at the castle right across the street.  he will take me there someday.  after conference we went to collin's house and he went to preisthood session with his dad and brothers while i stayed witht he girls.  his mom and little sister and i went to kneaders for dinner, grocery shopping at smiths, and then got a movie from redbox to take home and watch.  i fell asleep during the movie, only to get woken up my a soft rub on my arm and a light kiss on the forehead.  we talked with the fam, ate junk food, and laughed til it go too late for the kids to be up.  collin took me on a walk around the block in our bare feet and basketball shorts.  when we got back, we took a blanket on the tramp and looked at the starts as we snuggled up together.  his mom offered us to stay at their house that nigth so that we could wake up and watch conference all sunday with them.  so of course we took the offer and stayed the night.  we were ordered to be, not only in seperate rooms, but seperate levels of the house.  so funny.  but we did as asked.  woke up the next morning to pancakes, eggs, and fruit.  watched the first session with the fam and then ate ham, potatoes, carrots, and rolls for lunch.  we got fed very well this weekend.  i was sad when it was time to leave.  i have come to love his family so much.  this weekend was full of love and happiness.  i got to know each family member better.  thats exactly what we all needed i think.  i couldn't be more happy and more in love.  each day seems to get better and better.  my weekend was amazing.  how was yours? 

happy monday bloggers!


conference 2012

conference with the boy.


  1. Glad you had a good conference weekend. I spent the weekend recovering from surgery (1 week ago: sinus and deviated septum...just like Kirst). Luckily my mommy and daddy were here to take care of me and my girlies!

  2. seriously you are so cute!! i miss you so much!!! you are so happy i love this cute boy you are with!! i best be getting a wedding invite if that happens anytime soon. i love youuuu!!!! how is hair coming? you done with school yeah?? love you cute girl!!

  3. ang!!!! i miss your face!! i am sooo happy with him:) and duh you will be getting an ivite!! i graduated from hair school in december. i'm working at a salon now. i love it!! love you lots and lots!!!