Wednesday, May 23, 2012

plug your ears. its gonna be loud.

its me again.  i feel like i have lots to catch up on.  bare with me.  this may be the last post for the day though.  a couple weeks ago collin and i went shooting with some of his buddies.  it was such a fun date!  i took my pink 22 that i got for my 12th birthday.  yup i said PINK! you're jealous.  i also got to shoot a shot gun and an AR15.  or something like that.  it was a crazy cool gun.  it looked sweet to me! we had a very fun day:) here are some cute pictures of the date.

oh p.s. BYU Rugby won the National Championship!! yay! congratulations boys!!!

random picture of us at the UVU baseball game:)

sweet gun huh?!

shot gun shooting

posing for the camera :)

fun date with my man :)

national champs!!


i apologize about my absence of blogging.  now that i don't work at Minky in the mall, i don't have a set time to blog.  life has been busy recently.  from working everyday to wedding planning, i've had a hard time getting to the computer.  i got a new job! i work at the Dollar Cuts in American Fork now.  don't judge.  it really shouldn't be called Dollar Cuts.  its a full service salon.  i am still working at Gianni International Salon in provo.  so come see me at either place and get your hair done:) i am also certified in hair extensions.  i did a set of sew in extensions on my best friend carlee the other day.  they turned out great!! i was proud.  so if you are wanting beautiful lushes long locks of hair for the summer, give me a call!! i am actually getting extensions myself, tomorrow!! its for the wedding.  i've never had short hair until i decided to go to hair school and color my hair a million and a half times.  oops:/  long hair it is!

we are taking our engagements a week from tomorrow!! crazy right??  i have NO IDEA what i'm going to wear.  help me!?!?! i seriously need ideas.  or even a shopping buddy to help me out.

the boy and i are very happy and are getting more and more excited the closer the wedding gets.  we have been planning a lot lately.  and when i say "we" i mean "i".  haha  well i guess he helps a little bit.  some crazy things have been happening with "friends" and stuff like that.  the other day i told Collin that we should just run away and elope right now! he was almost convinced... i seriously was contemplating that idea.  i feel like i have a lot done, but also feel like i have a lot left to do.  wish me luck! if anyone wants to help, feel free!! i love opinions and advice as well.

medium length, to long :)

sew in extensions done by ali :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

so happy and so in love :)

yesterday afternoon the boy came over and asked if i wanted to go to the park.  that is a normal thing for us to do randomly.  we went up the canyon to the mt. timpanogos park, sat on a blanket and he pulled out a book.  this was a childrens book made for him by his grandparents when he was born.  it was all about him.  he had me read it out loud.  then he pulled out another book.  i thought it was just a cute love story.  it wasn't until he opened it to the first page that i realized it was OUR love story.  i started to cry right then.  he read the whole thing and then stood up, got down on one knee and proposed.  i was jumping up and down and crying and laughing.  (don't tell my doctor that i was jumping..) of course i said YES! it was the BEST surprise EVER!! and now we have lots of planning and fun things ahead of us.  we will be married in the Salt Lake City temple on August 14, 2012.  can't wait!! :)

one of my best friends carlee badger was not only the one who illustrated the book, but also was our "secret" photographer.  here are some of the pictures captured from our wonderful moment:)