Wednesday, May 23, 2012

plug your ears. its gonna be loud.

its me again.  i feel like i have lots to catch up on.  bare with me.  this may be the last post for the day though.  a couple weeks ago collin and i went shooting with some of his buddies.  it was such a fun date!  i took my pink 22 that i got for my 12th birthday.  yup i said PINK! you're jealous.  i also got to shoot a shot gun and an AR15.  or something like that.  it was a crazy cool gun.  it looked sweet to me! we had a very fun day:) here are some cute pictures of the date.

oh p.s. BYU Rugby won the National Championship!! yay! congratulations boys!!!

random picture of us at the UVU baseball game:)

sweet gun huh?!

shot gun shooting

posing for the camera :)

fun date with my man :)

national champs!!

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