Wednesday, May 23, 2012


i apologize about my absence of blogging.  now that i don't work at Minky in the mall, i don't have a set time to blog.  life has been busy recently.  from working everyday to wedding planning, i've had a hard time getting to the computer.  i got a new job! i work at the Dollar Cuts in American Fork now.  don't judge.  it really shouldn't be called Dollar Cuts.  its a full service salon.  i am still working at Gianni International Salon in provo.  so come see me at either place and get your hair done:) i am also certified in hair extensions.  i did a set of sew in extensions on my best friend carlee the other day.  they turned out great!! i was proud.  so if you are wanting beautiful lushes long locks of hair for the summer, give me a call!! i am actually getting extensions myself, tomorrow!! its for the wedding.  i've never had short hair until i decided to go to hair school and color my hair a million and a half times.  oops:/  long hair it is!

we are taking our engagements a week from tomorrow!! crazy right??  i have NO IDEA what i'm going to wear.  help me!?!?! i seriously need ideas.  or even a shopping buddy to help me out.

the boy and i are very happy and are getting more and more excited the closer the wedding gets.  we have been planning a lot lately.  and when i say "we" i mean "i".  haha  well i guess he helps a little bit.  some crazy things have been happening with "friends" and stuff like that.  the other day i told Collin that we should just run away and elope right now! he was almost convinced... i seriously was contemplating that idea.  i feel like i have a lot done, but also feel like i have a lot left to do.  wish me luck! if anyone wants to help, feel free!! i love opinions and advice as well.

medium length, to long :)

sew in extensions done by ali :)

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