Sunday, July 8, 2012

because i was tagged.

since i hardly blog, which i should try to be better at, i decided i would do this.  apparently its some type of an award/tagging thing.  but i won't be tagging anyone, only because every blog i follow has been tagged by someone else already.  which i'm okay with.

1. one must write eleven facts about themselves. 
2. answer the questions the 'tagger' has set for you.  
3.provide eleven new questions for the people you tag. 
4. choose up to elven people and link them in your post.
5. inform the 'tagged' of this prestigious award.

(i will be skipping rules 3, 4, and 5.)

facts about me: 

1. i'm getting married in 5 weeks and two days!!  (but who's counting?)
2. i have the greatest friends in the world.
3. i have the best job ever.  what could be better than making someone look and feel beautiful with a new haircut or color?!
4. i've been brought into the bachelorette obsessed club.  (thank you car and lyss)
5. i think that baseball is the best sport ever and i will always think that.  (i love rugby too babe. don't worry;)
6. even though spiders and all insects are incredibly tiny compared to humans, i hate them with a passion. (i killed a spider the other day though, be proud. )
7. i love the gospel and all the happiness it has brought me in my life.
8. my dad is the greatest man alive.  he is smart, funny, handsome, and makes everyone feel loved.
9. my brother, austin, will forever be my best friend.
10. i hate when my fiancee tickles me. (but secretly i like it. sometimes.)
11. i'm so glad i'm on the 11th one cause i struggle at thinking of facts about myself. 

questions from carlee:

1. what is your favorite quote?
A. "life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

2. what was your reasoning for starting a blog?
A. it was a way i could "write" in a journal without actually picking up a pencil. plus you get to add fun pictures.

3. tall blonde and handsome, or tall dark and handsome?
A. i would have to say tall dark and handsome cause that's what my fiance looks like. 

4. which item of clothing in your closet could you not possibly imagine yourself without?
A. jeans. everything goes great with a good pair of jeans.

5. favorite color to wear?
A. well its not my favorite, but i wear it ALL the time. BLACK. i had to wear all black in hair school and now at my job. my closet is mostly black.

6. favorite tv show or movie as a child?
A. i loved the disney channel.  probably lizzy mcguire and hannah montana.

7. go to, click on online store, look at every one of them. which is your favorite?
A. i love the carribean geo.  i have that one! 

8. ihop or dennys?
A. ihop. its a million times better. 

9. you're only allowed to drink one thing the rest of your life...what do you choose?
A. water for sure.  thats what i go to now.

10. when you're completely bored (just as i am right now..) what do you do to make yourself un-bored?
A. if my fiance can't do something then i'll get on instagram, pinterest, and blog.

11. pretend for a second that your wedding is tomorrow. what are your colors?
A. well my wedding is in 5 weeks and 2 days and my colors are TEAL, TANGERINE, CORAL, AND GRAY. :)

thats the end of this post.  i won't be tagging anyone.  hopefully you enjoyed reading a little bit more about me.  happy sunday bloggers!


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  1. i was SO dang proud you killed that spider. forrrr real. you saved my life.