Monday, July 30, 2012

i had a birthday, shout hooray.

i had a wonderful birthday on july 21.  my friends, family, and handsome fiancee made this day a special one. at midnight exactly on my birthday my fiance gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sweet note.  i was also lucky because he walked into the room singing happy birthday to me! he is a cutie.  i went to sleep and got woken up by my two best friends at 6:30 in the morning.  they took me to ihop for breakfast.  it was delicious and way too early.  i took a nap after breakfast and then got ready for the day.  my man brought me a birthday present.  it was an Atlanta Braves hat.  it was actually the exact same hat he was wearing the first day we met.  i have been wanting a baseball hat for awhile now.  i love that he chose to get one that had meaning and a story to it.  we went to brick oven with my family that afternoon and then spent the early evening playing card games, laughing, and hanging out with each other.  that night he took me outside and gave me an envelope that said "clue #1".  he took me through some memories that we've had together.  isn't he so cute and creative? i love him.  the last clue took me to the park where he proposed to me.  he stood there waiting for me.  we started out slow dancing to our favorite songs in the park and then watched my favorite movie, "The Notebook" on a lap top and snuggled in a blanket.  i would have to say that my birthday was a success!

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