Thursday, August 30, 2012

job hunting.

now that my husband is back in school and rugby, he won't be able to work that much.  i am looking for a second job to help support us.  i wish i could just stay home all day and cook and bake. collin thinks i'll get over my love of cooking dinner every night in about a month.  i am determined that i will prove him wrong.  i want to do hair still, and i will, but i can't go to the salon every single day.  i would go crazy.  so if anyone knows of a part time job that i might like, let me know!  i applied and interviewed for a bank and i am applying at a tanning salon.  free tanning anyone? my mom says that causes cancer.. but lets be honest, i dont really care.  if i'm supposed to get it, i'll get it whether i work there or not.  wish me luck with job hunting please, i need it.

p.s. i miss my hubby when he leaves for school everyday.  he left an hour ago and i already miss him. normal or am i just pathetic?


  1. You'll start to hate cooking on a budget! Once you realize how much you spend and try to cook cheaper, it's not NEARLY as fun.

  2. hey sweetie!!! ugh job hunting is seriously the WORST!! I hope you find something soon to!!! I know how it is to try and support and it's rough but you guys will get through it i PROMISE!! Hope you are doing well. So glad you are lovin married life! Isn't it the best to be with your best friend and never has to say goodbye at night!! you can cuddle all night long if you wanted haha. love you babe!!!