Tuesday, August 28, 2012

just call me wifey.

i'm MARRIED now. yay. i love married life.  its starting to sink in a little bit. maybe. i will do a post about the wedding when i get our pictures back.  be excited.  we had an amazing honeymoon in peurto vallarta, mexico.  it was beautiful there.  the condo we stayed in was right by the beach.  the only thing in between the condo and the beach was the swimming pool.  heaven.  we came back late on thursday night and we opened presents and got our apartment mostly set up during the weekend.  reality started yesterday.  i was actually quite excited for reality to start again.  8 days in mexico was a little long for me.  but collin and i grew together so much by spending all of our time just us two.  i loved every minute of it.  i love being a wife.  i love cooking dinner and having it ready for when my cute husband walks through the door from work, school, and practice.  cooking and baking are going to take up a huge part of my time.  and that is a choice i made.  i could cook and bake ALL day if i had the chance.  if anyone wants anything yummy, i'll take requests now.  let the married life begin!

p.s. if you are a young married couple, like my husband and i, we would love to hangout and do married people things with you :)

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