Thursday, September 13, 2012

I can blog from my phone.

exciting news of the day: I figured out that I can blog from my phone! Yay for that. I'm sure every other blogger out there already knew that. I'm behind on technology I guess. Don't judge.

The husband was told to gain weight for rugby this year. Hahaha wish I had that problem. I guess while he gains weight I will be losing weight. Let's see how that'll work in the kitchen.

I absolutely love my new job. I never ever thought i'd work at a bank and look what I'm doing! I have training all next week but on Tuesday and Wednesday they were short handed on staff and threw me on a box and I worked as a teller for two days. Haven't even been to training yet! I'm pretty great you could say. Nah, I've got great people I work with that helped me learn. I was told to bring snacks and games and have naps at training since I already know everything. Looks like I'll have a great week!

Thank heavens it's Thursday. I'm ready for the weekend! Happy Thursday bloggers!!

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