Friday, September 7, 2012

this and that.

job hunting has ended.  i am officially a part of the Wells Fargo Team. 3 hoorays for me! i will be working as a teller part time and also working in the salon the other part.  i will be a busy, workin girl.  making money will be so worth it though. 

thanks to pinterest for great dinner ideas.  i made a delicious chicken pasta the other night and my husband LOVED it.  he said it compares to his all time favorite dish, poppyseed chicken caserole.  that was a huge compliment.  i will be looking on pinterest for more dinner ideas. 

picture from pinterest.  so yummy!

i've decided to become a bit more crafty by making pillow covers for our couch.  the swade mocha couch cover with the blue denim pillows is just not working out for me.  also i need halloween decore.  i will also be making some fun things for that.  its cheaper and much more cool to say, "i made that."  wish me luck! if you have any pointers or great craft ideas, please don't hesitate to fill me in. 

i have plenty of decorations for my apartment that we got for our wedding.  the only problem is that i don't have that creative eye.  i don't know where to hang everything.  HELP ME.  anyone and everyone is welcome to come over and help me decorate.  i'll make treats too.  thanks.

i love that my name is ali bush now.  its so cute.  and i love my husband even more.  its amazing how my love for him grows each day.  i can't wait for eternity. 

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  1. woah, woah! i'm helping decorate, remember? silly :)