Monday, October 29, 2012


we have Netflix now and I wanted to start a new show. I decided on Pretty Little Liars. I've always thought it sounded a bit stupid, but let's be honest... I'm addicted now. I'm only in the beginning of season 2, so if you know how it ends then DON'T tell me. Sometimes I think I have an idea who "A" is and then something unexpected happens and I get confused again. Something new pops out from every corner. The show has definitely got me pulled in. Who the (for lack of a better word) hell is "A"?! I just wish I could watch all of the seasons in one day. I usually watch a few episodes each night. I also watch an episode on my phone at the gym while I ride the bike. Hopefully I get to finish them soon.

What shows are you really into?


  1. DUDE!!! If you haven't seen friday night lights YOU SHOULD!!!! It's about a texas football team but you will fall in love with the cast!!! let me know if you watch it!! love you girlie!! miss your face!!!

  2. hahaha you wrote about this! oh man! you kill me. i've started the first episode of friday night lights probably 5 times in the past 6 months (maybe longer? pais told me about it forever ago.) but i always get side tracked. but i've heard wonderful things about it! and i love gossip girl. and 90210.