Sunday, November 18, 2012

hair blog.

just thought i'd let all my readers and fellow bloggers know that i started a hair blog! woo i am excited about it.  go read and follow here . bare with me while i get it all started.  should be good though. i'm trying to share my work and get more clientelle so i can be busy doing what i love  to do.

p.s. my best friend, carlee, designed my new header.  what do you think?? had to change the name of my blog since i'm married and everything.  i needed a change.  always seem to be looking for a change.
happy sunday bloggers!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

another change.

Being a hairstylist gives me the right to change my hair all the time right? Well i guess I think it does. I honestly change my hair all the time. It's probably not good. I decided to go brown. The husband made me promise him I would go brown again sometime, so I did. He LOVES it. And I love that he does. It's a fun change. I'm sure it will be different in about a month or so.

Thinking about changing your hair? Do it! And give me a call:)