Thursday, December 12, 2013


It has been an exciting month for me. I have taken control and am getting healthier and happier each day. I have had many people notice and compliment me on my weight loss. That is my number one motivator! So thank you all! Many people have asked me to share my "secrets" here on the blog. That is what I am going to do right now. Let's back up first.. I have always loved working out. That might just be something that is related to my dancing background. My workout time is my "me time". I have to have it. Back in high school I was always dancing and working out and I ate whatever I wanted and it didn't seem to matter. Now that I am not dancing for 4 hours or more everyday, I can't eat whatever I want. My workouts don't replace my dancing at all. I have definitely gained weight since high school and it makes me sad and not confident in myself. I don't like that feeling at all. For months and months I had been working my butt off at the gym and I felt like nothing was changing. The number on the scale would just fluctuate between a few numbers. I realized that I can't just workout to lose weight. Your diet is way more important than your exercise. I found exactly what I needed.  I wouldn't call it a "diet". I would call it a lifestyle change. And that's exactly what it has been for me.  I am learning what to eat and how often to eat and how much I should eat.  My thoughts about food and my body have changed so much.  I love the program that I am doing and all it is teaching me.  I know that I will be able to reach my optimal health and stay that way forever.  Its been so fun to cook healthy dinners for my husband and I. He has even lost some weight just by eating the same dinners as me.  I am happier and healthier and it shows.  Diet is everything. If you want help changing your life for the better then you can contact my health coach and she will help you just like she has helped me! I can't wait to reach my goal and continue to eat healthy and maintain my weight.  This has been the only thing I've tried that has actually worked for me.  I have tried multiple diet pills, and so on.  If you have questions for me, please comment below and I will answer them the best I can.  I will track my progress here on the blog.  Today you will see before pictures and what the program has done for me in just 4 weeks.  I lost 16.4 lbs. and a few inches off my waist, legs, and hips.  See for yourself! Contact me or my health coach for more questions: Ali Bush 801-368-4190 Health Coach: Gentrie Johnson: 801-836-4819 or


Monday, December 9, 2013

a reason to smile.

16.4 lbs in 4 weeks makes for loose jeans and a happy girl! 

happy Monday bloggers! remember you can eat healthy and lose weight during the holidays! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

at least i'm blogging, right?

tonight as i was running on the treadmill at gold's i realized that i check girls out all the time. wow that sounds awful and weird. but i mean i look at a lot of girls and then i judge them. i'm an awful person.. but i'm honest.  and my judging isn't always bad. mostly good actually. i usually compliment them (in my head of course) on how strong and fit they are.  and how i want to look like them one day.  on occasion i say, "she is waaayy too skinny." or "at least i don't have as far as her to go.." which is so rude, cause honestly, i don't know anybody's story.  maybe that girl has already lost 100 lbs and she is kicking butt! i guess it just helps me feel better about myself to know that there are other girls like me out there.  and they are beautiful.  i've been working really hard on losing weight for a long time.  i have finally kicked myself in the butt and decided to become really serious about my diet.  i've always been a gym girl.  i love to workout.  it's my "me" time.  i love working out when i am stressed or in a bad mood because it helps that change very quickly.  i have been eating very healthy.  6 small meals a day.  i just need to get more creative with my dinners so i don't get bored of the same protein and veggie each night.  my husband is wanting to lose some body fat so he is eating these healthy dinners with me.  the other night i made mashed cauliflower.  its suppose to be like mashed potatoes.  it was surprisingly real good. i recommend some garlic or other spices in it so its not just plain.  tonight i made spagehtti squash with grilled chicken and tomatoe sauce.  the tomatoe sauce was just canned diced tomatoes blended up.  i used a canned tomatoe with lime and cilantro in it.  or you can use just plain canned tomatoes and add your own spices or seasonings.  the husband said it tasted like italian meets mexican! who doesn't think that sounds good?! it filled both my husband and i up.  i'm eating exact portions but he ate a little more than i did and he got full! he never gets full. seriously its a promblem. but he realized that he got full on something healthy instead of just eating and eating food that wasn't satisfying.  that was really good for me to hear.  so if you are looking for a healthy, but delicious meal, i suggest you try that one out! i'm losing weight and feeling healthy and happy! here are some pictures of the dinner i made. yummmo!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

a summer adventure.

did i tell you that Collin has been interviewing for internships for this summer? well, he has. and he got an offer for one he really wanted! we are so excited about it.  he will be interning for Goodyear. you know, the tire company.  he is going to be in the HR part of it.  not sure exactly what he will be doing but he will be given two projects to work on and complete this summer.  the best part about this internship is that it is going to take us to Akron, Ohio for the summer! woohoo how exciting for me cause I have never lived outside of Utah.  I am so excited for this summer! Collin grew up in Ohio so he is extremely stoked to go back.  this will also give Collin a greater opportunity to get a full time job there once he graduates.  which would send us back to Ohio for a few years once he is done with school.  kind of scary but very exciting.  so we will be in Ohio for 10-12 weeks.  now I have got to figure out what I am going to do while we are there.  if anyone has any ideas please share them with me! I guess I need to look for some kind of temporary work.  or I could spend all day on pinterest and then actually put all those cooking, crafting, working out, etc. boards to good use! now that would be the life.  but I do think I would get bored after a week or two.  we have been extremely blessed to have this opportunity to go out to Ohio.  I can't wait for our relationship to grow and become stronger.  I know it will when we only have each other to lean on.  we will have to find a furnished apartment to rent since we will be driving out there and won't bring anything but ourselves and our clothes with us.  yikes. that's kind of scary huh?  I can't wait for this new adventure of ours to start! we will be leaving middle of may.  wish us luck!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

it's going to be a party.

what's all this hype about leggings, you ask? well let me tell you. people keep telling me i'm obsessed and they like to tease me about it.  honestly i wouldn't say i'm obsessed. but that i'm passionate about them. does that sound silly? yeah, maybe a little.  but honestly i know i'm not the only girl who has always struggled to find the right leggings.  you know what i'm talking about. every pair is see through when you bend over or sit down. and i'm a normal girl, so my legs rub together when i walk, and you know those leggings that start getting rough and form the little balls of fabric in between your legs? yeah, these leggings don't do that. and they wash up great.  i have finally found leggings that work well with g's and they don't wear out. who wouldn't be excited about that?! therefore, i am passionate about these leggings and i want the world to know how great they are too.

my best friend carlee and i hosted a party last month and we had such a great turn out that the owner asked us to host another party! so we are doing it! its tonight! (details below in pictures.) you won't want to miss it! this will be the last party we throw. with Christmas right around the corner these leggings are a great gift for friends and family.  they also work great for Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve. i know i wear my leggings to bed every night because they are so soft and comfortable. also they will have maxi skirts to choose from if you're not quite into the legging thing.  i know this time i will be getting some maxi's!  hope to see you all there! p.s. there will be cookies, made by yours truly. p.s.s. there is going to be a fabulous sale just for our party! details coming soon on instagram and fb. here are some pictures of the wonderful leggings and maxi's:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

thursday night partying.

did you make it to our legging party on Thursday night? we had a fabulous turn out! honestly I didn't know half the girls that showed up, but I am thankful they did.  it was a blast to have everyone there trying on cute leggings and eating yummy treats.  if you missed it, don't worry, there will be another one soon upon request. some people couldn't make it because of whatever reason and have been asking for another party.  we are thinking about doing it on a Saturday, so I hope that works for everyone. I braved it out and got some camo leggings. I honestly didn't think I could pull them off but when I tried them on I got a bunch of smiling girls saying "yes!". so of course I got them. I am wearing them today and I feel like an army brat. I love them.  I now am up to 10 pair, which means I will be wearing them way more often than not.  if you have some, then you understand. big thanks to Agnes&Dora for an amazing party! go follow them on instagram @agnesanddora to check out just a few of what they offer! hope to see you at the next party! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

lovin on leggings.

today is the day! the best friend and I are throwing a party for leggings and maxi skirts. they have all kinds of prints and some fleeced lined leggings. the leggings come in adult and children sizes. you won't want to miss it! hope to see you there! p.s. we will have cookies and pumpkin popcorn to snack on:) 

Thursday, October 3, 2013


happy thursday bloggers! i love thursdays so much. mostly because its my day off at the bank and its my day to schedule hair appointments. i woke up this morning and did a cut and color and then i had a great workout at the gym. side note: remember how i have been doing insanity? well my friend who i have been doing it with is getting married in a month! so she has been super busy lately and we haven't done much of insanity this week.  that means i've been going to the gym by myself again. but to be honest, insanity has definitely improved my endurance. i can run for longer than i could before.  (it's still not very long at all, but it's better.)

well that was a long side note.. i went to target to look for cute and comfy sweaters to go with my new leggings! i am obsessed with the leggings from Agnes and Dora. check them out on Facebook and Instagram. you can also check them out at my legging party i am hosting with the best friend. it is going to be Thursday October 17th, from 7-8:30pm. you won't regret it! i have four pair already and i wish i could wear them every single day! i am now waiting on my next appointment of the day. another cut and color. i absolutely love doing hair!

as a hair stylist you are always so busy doing everyone's hair that you forget to get your own hair done. well that would be me right now. a couple inches grown out.. yikes. i have an unintentional melt going on right now. it's not the pretty kind though.

here are some pictures of the cute and comfy leggings! they are so soft. i wish you could feel them through the computer. you won't believe until you actually feel them. also, they are not see through.  raise your hand if you have a problem with finding leggings that aren't see through? i sure do! your cute undies or g's won't show through these baby's! isn't that fantastic? hope to see you at the party! (more details coming soon.)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

working woman.

guess who's back working at Minky Couture for a second time around? this girl. i'm very excited to be back working with Minky a little bit. the hubby says I work too much, so i'm not allowed to work a lot at Minky since i'm still working at Wells Fargo Bank and doing hair each week. but a few extra hours here and there won't hurt me. 

the hubs started school again and I never see him. but really, I don't.  I work everyday and he wakes up and goes to school and then he works and has rugby practice and then does homework when he gets home. hopefully this semester will fly by so I can have my husband back! he is loving being at the business school though. I am very proud of him and all his hard work.

did I tell you that I started doing the insanity workouts with my friend kennedy? well we did.  we are in the middle of our third week and we are going strong! its a 60 day program.  every 15 days you do what's called a fit test. we did that the other day and we improved by a lot! I was very proud of us. its nice to be able to track our progress. being able to see progress makes it worth it to keep going and pushing ourselves.  kennedy gets married in November and is hoping to lose some weight. I don't have anything coming up, I just want to look GOOD!! we are pushing hard and working our hardest to accomplish our goals. wish us luck! I will post some pictures later on.. maybe when we hit our goals. cause pictures right now would not be too fun to look at. especially of me. bleh. but I know we can do it!

until next time bloggers! happy Thursday!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

here's to one year.

excuse me for being gone for so long.  i'm not the best at this blogging thing.  i know i'm three weeks late for this post, but it's better late than never.  three weeks ago we celebrated our one year anniversary.  i cannot tell you how fast that one year went by.  it amazes me! our first year of marriage has been a blast.  yes, we fight.  yes, we get annoyed. but yes, we have so much love for each other that continues to grow each day.  we decided to take turns on planning anniversary celebrations each year.  and since collin planned our honeymoon, year number one was my turn! i wanted to make it a surprise for him.  i had been saving every five dollar bill i ever got since last october-ish.  he didn't know what i was saving up for.  neither did i, for awhile.  it was just something i had seen on pinterest and so i did it.  i finally decided to use it for our anniversary.  i had saved about $430 dollars in fives.  the morning we were suppose to leave to go up to snowbird, collin surprised me with a couples massage!  he wasn't suppose to do anything for our anniversary and he totally spoiled me! i had never had an actual massage before that and it was amazing.  after that we headed up to snowbird where we stayed for two nights.  they had all their summer activities going on.  we got to play on the alpine slide, mountain coaster, ropes course, and the tram.  we had a great time just being alone and not having to worry about anything else going on in our lives at the moment.  we also took our wedding cake that has been sitting in my parents freezer for a whole year, and ate it! it actually wasn't too bad.  he makes me the happiest girl in the world and i cannot wait for eternity with him.  enjoy some of the pictures we took on our anniversary trip.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

crafty crafty.

Friday night was girls night with some of my best girl friends. Carlee and I met these girls when we worked at dollar cuts last year. We absolutely love them and they will be life long friends for sure. We went out to dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday that is coming up. We then went to Lindsey's new house and did some crafts while we talked and laughed. We always have a good time together! Carlee, Brianna and I made wreaths and I also made a some hairbows. Lindsey's painted some block letters for her laundry room. Here are some pictures! p.s. the bows were so easy and they are adorable in your hair! p.s.s. Lindsey made a joke about doing a pyramid for our picture and I took it literally. It actually turned out kind of cute. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

daddy spoils me.

Hello again. I know that I'm terrible at blogging. Maybe one day I will be better. I do have some exciting news though. My daddy bought me a chair for me to do hair! Woop woop! I am beyond excited! I did my first haircut in it the other day and I absolutely love it! It's so much easier to do hair with a real chair rather than my kitchen chair. I've been doing a lot of hair lately and I'm so happy about it. Doing hair is something I'm passionate about and I love when my friends and family and strangers come to me and ask me to do their hair. Here is an ombré that I did last week and I LOVE it! 
               and my chair of course.
           Need your hair done? Call me! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

i workout.

something finally kicked my butt into shape. I went to the gym everyday this week. I even somehow managed to wake up at 6:30 on Saturday morning and go to the gym before work. now that's probably normal for a lot of people, but I am not a morning person. so it was a big deal. I realized how great I felt each day at work since I started my day off with a workout. It was hard to get up and go some of the days, but once I was there and working out, it became worth it. I am really hard on myself about my body and the way I look. It's been hard for my husband to handle me when I get in those "I'm fat and I hate myself" moods. I am going to change and I know I can do it. I just have to remember that it took more than a day to put on the weight so it will take way more than a day to take it off. seeing my progress will be my motivation. I just have to be patient enough to work hard and wait for the progress to start showing. It will all be worth it in the end. If anybody out there wants to join me at the gym, you are welcome to! also I'm always up for trying new workouts and healthy recipes, so please share! Wish me luck!

Monday, May 13, 2013

sum it all up.

a lot had happened recently. Collin is on the BYU rugby team as you know, and they just won the national championship. Woohoo! he also broke his wrist in the quarterfinals. bummer. he has been a really great sport through it all.

one of my best friends got married last week. Collin and I were able to attend the sealing ceremony in the Salt Lake City temple. it was amazing to be there. she was a beautiful bride, and we had a fabulous day.

for Mother's Day we went up to the little America with my family for a delicious Mother's Day brunch.

today I was able to do some hair on my day off. one of my favorite colors I did today was on my very good friend, Shelby.

enjoy the pictures!