Thursday, September 19, 2013

working woman.

guess who's back working at Minky Couture for a second time around? this girl. i'm very excited to be back working with Minky a little bit. the hubby says I work too much, so i'm not allowed to work a lot at Minky since i'm still working at Wells Fargo Bank and doing hair each week. but a few extra hours here and there won't hurt me. 

the hubs started school again and I never see him. but really, I don't.  I work everyday and he wakes up and goes to school and then he works and has rugby practice and then does homework when he gets home. hopefully this semester will fly by so I can have my husband back! he is loving being at the business school though. I am very proud of him and all his hard work.

did I tell you that I started doing the insanity workouts with my friend kennedy? well we did.  we are in the middle of our third week and we are going strong! its a 60 day program.  every 15 days you do what's called a fit test. we did that the other day and we improved by a lot! I was very proud of us. its nice to be able to track our progress. being able to see progress makes it worth it to keep going and pushing ourselves.  kennedy gets married in November and is hoping to lose some weight. I don't have anything coming up, I just want to look GOOD!! we are pushing hard and working our hardest to accomplish our goals. wish us luck! I will post some pictures later on.. maybe when we hit our goals. cause pictures right now would not be too fun to look at. especially of me. bleh. but I know we can do it!

until next time bloggers! happy Thursday!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

here's to one year.

excuse me for being gone for so long.  i'm not the best at this blogging thing.  i know i'm three weeks late for this post, but it's better late than never.  three weeks ago we celebrated our one year anniversary.  i cannot tell you how fast that one year went by.  it amazes me! our first year of marriage has been a blast.  yes, we fight.  yes, we get annoyed. but yes, we have so much love for each other that continues to grow each day.  we decided to take turns on planning anniversary celebrations each year.  and since collin planned our honeymoon, year number one was my turn! i wanted to make it a surprise for him.  i had been saving every five dollar bill i ever got since last october-ish.  he didn't know what i was saving up for.  neither did i, for awhile.  it was just something i had seen on pinterest and so i did it.  i finally decided to use it for our anniversary.  i had saved about $430 dollars in fives.  the morning we were suppose to leave to go up to snowbird, collin surprised me with a couples massage!  he wasn't suppose to do anything for our anniversary and he totally spoiled me! i had never had an actual massage before that and it was amazing.  after that we headed up to snowbird where we stayed for two nights.  they had all their summer activities going on.  we got to play on the alpine slide, mountain coaster, ropes course, and the tram.  we had a great time just being alone and not having to worry about anything else going on in our lives at the moment.  we also took our wedding cake that has been sitting in my parents freezer for a whole year, and ate it! it actually wasn't too bad.  he makes me the happiest girl in the world and i cannot wait for eternity with him.  enjoy some of the pictures we took on our anniversary trip.