Thursday, October 3, 2013


happy thursday bloggers! i love thursdays so much. mostly because its my day off at the bank and its my day to schedule hair appointments. i woke up this morning and did a cut and color and then i had a great workout at the gym. side note: remember how i have been doing insanity? well my friend who i have been doing it with is getting married in a month! so she has been super busy lately and we haven't done much of insanity this week.  that means i've been going to the gym by myself again. but to be honest, insanity has definitely improved my endurance. i can run for longer than i could before.  (it's still not very long at all, but it's better.)

well that was a long side note.. i went to target to look for cute and comfy sweaters to go with my new leggings! i am obsessed with the leggings from Agnes and Dora. check them out on Facebook and Instagram. you can also check them out at my legging party i am hosting with the best friend. it is going to be Thursday October 17th, from 7-8:30pm. you won't regret it! i have four pair already and i wish i could wear them every single day! i am now waiting on my next appointment of the day. another cut and color. i absolutely love doing hair!

as a hair stylist you are always so busy doing everyone's hair that you forget to get your own hair done. well that would be me right now. a couple inches grown out.. yikes. i have an unintentional melt going on right now. it's not the pretty kind though.

here are some pictures of the cute and comfy leggings! they are so soft. i wish you could feel them through the computer. you won't believe until you actually feel them. also, they are not see through.  raise your hand if you have a problem with finding leggings that aren't see through? i sure do! your cute undies or g's won't show through these baby's! isn't that fantastic? hope to see you at the party! (more details coming soon.)

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  1. The leggings are so stinking cute!! I can't wait to come to the party.. It's so hard finding leggings that don't show G's! haha