Saturday, October 19, 2013

thursday night partying.

did you make it to our legging party on Thursday night? we had a fabulous turn out! honestly I didn't know half the girls that showed up, but I am thankful they did.  it was a blast to have everyone there trying on cute leggings and eating yummy treats.  if you missed it, don't worry, there will be another one soon upon request. some people couldn't make it because of whatever reason and have been asking for another party.  we are thinking about doing it on a Saturday, so I hope that works for everyone. I braved it out and got some camo leggings. I honestly didn't think I could pull them off but when I tried them on I got a bunch of smiling girls saying "yes!". so of course I got them. I am wearing them today and I feel like an army brat. I love them.  I now am up to 10 pair, which means I will be wearing them way more often than not.  if you have some, then you understand. big thanks to Agnes&Dora for an amazing party! go follow them on instagram @agnesanddora to check out just a few of what they offer! hope to see you at the next party! 

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