Saturday, November 9, 2013

it's going to be a party.

what's all this hype about leggings, you ask? well let me tell you. people keep telling me i'm obsessed and they like to tease me about it.  honestly i wouldn't say i'm obsessed. but that i'm passionate about them. does that sound silly? yeah, maybe a little.  but honestly i know i'm not the only girl who has always struggled to find the right leggings.  you know what i'm talking about. every pair is see through when you bend over or sit down. and i'm a normal girl, so my legs rub together when i walk, and you know those leggings that start getting rough and form the little balls of fabric in between your legs? yeah, these leggings don't do that. and they wash up great.  i have finally found leggings that work well with g's and they don't wear out. who wouldn't be excited about that?! therefore, i am passionate about these leggings and i want the world to know how great they are too.

my best friend carlee and i hosted a party last month and we had such a great turn out that the owner asked us to host another party! so we are doing it! its tonight! (details below in pictures.) you won't want to miss it! this will be the last party we throw. with Christmas right around the corner these leggings are a great gift for friends and family.  they also work great for Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve. i know i wear my leggings to bed every night because they are so soft and comfortable. also they will have maxi skirts to choose from if you're not quite into the legging thing.  i know this time i will be getting some maxi's!  hope to see you all there! p.s. there will be cookies, made by yours truly. p.s.s. there is going to be a fabulous sale just for our party! details coming soon on instagram and fb. here are some pictures of the wonderful leggings and maxi's:


  1. Hello, I was actually just looking at Agnes and Dora leggings online because my best friend just recently went to a party and I love them! As I was looking I came across your blog and noticed that you're hosting a party tonight! I know you don't know me, but can anyone come to your party? I need some leggings for dance class at UVU and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Let me know. :) Thanks! You're gorgeous by the way!

    1. I just saw your comment! I feel awful I didn't see it until now. I hope you stopped by anyways cause anyone and everyone was invited! If not, my friend is hosting a party next week. I can give you details on that party if you'd like!

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