Thursday, December 12, 2013


It has been an exciting month for me. I have taken control and am getting healthier and happier each day. I have had many people notice and compliment me on my weight loss. That is my number one motivator! So thank you all! Many people have asked me to share my "secrets" here on the blog. That is what I am going to do right now. Let's back up first.. I have always loved working out. That might just be something that is related to my dancing background. My workout time is my "me time". I have to have it. Back in high school I was always dancing and working out and I ate whatever I wanted and it didn't seem to matter. Now that I am not dancing for 4 hours or more everyday, I can't eat whatever I want. My workouts don't replace my dancing at all. I have definitely gained weight since high school and it makes me sad and not confident in myself. I don't like that feeling at all. For months and months I had been working my butt off at the gym and I felt like nothing was changing. The number on the scale would just fluctuate between a few numbers. I realized that I can't just workout to lose weight. Your diet is way more important than your exercise. I found exactly what I needed.  I wouldn't call it a "diet". I would call it a lifestyle change. And that's exactly what it has been for me.  I am learning what to eat and how often to eat and how much I should eat.  My thoughts about food and my body have changed so much.  I love the program that I am doing and all it is teaching me.  I know that I will be able to reach my optimal health and stay that way forever.  Its been so fun to cook healthy dinners for my husband and I. He has even lost some weight just by eating the same dinners as me.  I am happier and healthier and it shows.  Diet is everything. If you want help changing your life for the better then you can contact my health coach and she will help you just like she has helped me! I can't wait to reach my goal and continue to eat healthy and maintain my weight.  This has been the only thing I've tried that has actually worked for me.  I have tried multiple diet pills, and so on.  If you have questions for me, please comment below and I will answer them the best I can.  I will track my progress here on the blog.  Today you will see before pictures and what the program has done for me in just 4 weeks.  I lost 16.4 lbs. and a few inches off my waist, legs, and hips.  See for yourself! Contact me or my health coach for more questions: Ali Bush 801-368-4190 Health Coach: Gentrie Johnson: 801-836-4819 or



  1. Ali, you look amazing!! I am so beyond happy for you. Congratulations!!! :) I love and miss you!

  2. Woah - abs really are made in the kitchen! I've always heard it and believed it but that is seriously true. What program are you following?